EA/Codemasters F1 PS4/PS5/XBOX Console Bridge Plugins Available

The “Console Bridge” bridges MotionMax Manager and SLIMax Manager Pro software (the car racing motion simulator manager and usb display devices manager) with your game console Sony PlayStation (PS4/PS5) or Microsoft XBOX.

Check For update to get the latest plugins and applications.

Getting Started With F1 23 Console Bridge

The app F1_2023ConsoleBridge64.exe (inside MotionMax application directory) “bridges” the F1 23 game on PlayStation console to your PC running MotionMax Manager to manage your 6DOF or 2DOF motion simulator.

The PS4 or PS5 console must be power on and be connected to your local network with Ethernet cable.

UDP Telemetry must be activated in game settings
(replace the by the IP of your PC running MotionMax Manager)

– set UDP Telemetry to ON
do not activate Broadcast.
– Enter the IP address (192.168.x.x) of your PC running MotionMax Manager
– keep the port with 20777,
– set the rate to 60Hz,
– format: 2023
– set audience to: Restricted

Launch MotionMax Manager on the PC and select the default F1 23 game profile (wheel base or gamepad)

Check if the F1_2023ConsoleBridge plugin is ACTIVATED using the Plugins Manager

Start F1_2023ConsoleBridge64.exe on the PC

Now run the F1 23 game on the console and enjoy your motion simulator with your F1 game.


Read the instructions on plugin pages for more info…

Plugins Pages Available here:

General Terms and Conditions available on website):

UPDATED: EA / CODMASTERS F1 23 Plugins Are Available

Plugins updated today (2023-05-31)

Changelog: Conformity with latest UDP specs of F1 23 game
Check for update as usual to update your plugins


F1 23 EA/Codies plugins for SLIMax Manager Pro (displays, dash, emu) and MotionMax Manager (2DOF, 3DOF and 6DOF motion simulator) are available for testing with current (closed) beta version of the game.

As usual select Check For Update menu to upgrade your installation. do not forget to ACTIVATE your plugins. Check the plugin page for more info.

Use the SIM Racing Proxy Server (SMPS) if you have more than one device to drive (race display + motion simulator for example).


[MMX 2DOF TL] New Assetto Corsa Game Profile For Lotus 49 Car

New AC game profile for MotionMax Manager 2DOF simulator is available today suitable for Lotus 49 car.

A very good base for making your own custom game profiles.

As usual select “Check For Update” to get the latest software. Make sure to select check for update menu in MotionMax Manager on regular basis to stay up to date.

Click this link If you’re interested by MotionMax Manager software for your motion simulator.

[HOTFIX] MotionMax Manager 2DOF+TL+SURGE Updated (v1.0.0.3a)

MotionMax Manager 2DOF+TL+SURGE (MMX2) maintenance update available for download today. As usual select menu Check For Update to get the latest software or download the latest MotionMax Manager 2DOF SCN Edition installer.

Changelog (2022-12-31)

  • – General: wrong Min/Max DOF limits values in fixed
  • – General: MotionMax 6DOF and 2DOF apps can run on the same machine
  • – Registration Window: error on close fixed
  • – Machine Check: previous/next buttons fixed
  • – Dedicated SURGE (machine settings):
    • subtract SURGE from 2DOF checkbox added to get a full dedicated braking/acceleration on the 2 AUX SURGE actuators
    • invert SURGE checkbox added

Best wishes for the New Year!

[UPDATE] VDASH-EMU v1-1.38d is available for download

New version of VDASH-EMU Ultimate Edition is Available For Download.


  • default displays from page 1 to 4 can be replaced with custom template to get up to 48 pages for custom virtual racing displays.
  • New Reset Template menu added. Restore default displays (from page 1 to 4) or cleanup pages from 5 to 48 (remove all objects on page).
  • ANDROID: load template do not require to restart the EMU
  • bugs fixed

The VDASH-EMU app (for Android and Windows) ULTIMATE EDITION contains many high quality templates and all popular textures packs ready to use. SLIMax Manager Pro version or greater is required.

Since December 2022 the software license is almost free. You can make a simple donation of any amount to EKSIMRacing foundation to get your license (visit EKSIMRacing website for more info).

This is a free and recommended update.

Thanks go out to all contributors to EKSIMRacing projects since 2009

Hi folks,

Thanks go out to all contributors to EKSIMRacing projects since 2009. Today we are nearing 387,000 users worldwide since the first sim-racing software was released by EKSIMRacing on November 2009. We (the support team and I) appreciate you for making our software better.

We have come a long way together since the development of the SLI-M and SLI-PRO usb display and its dedicated software in 2008. At the time a G25 was the best… See how we’re lucky today with all hardware devices and virtual apps available!

Our mission was to promote sim racing hardware and we can say that we succeeded. To celebrate 14 years dedicated to the sim-racing community, I announce the minimum donation for a software license is now fixed at whatever you want!

The software license is almost free. You can make a simple donation of any amount to EKSIMRacing foundation to get your license (visit EKSIMRacing website for more info).

Wish you all my best for upcoming holidays.