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[HOTFIX] SLIMax Manager Pro Updated (v3.4.6.7k)

SLIMax Manager Pro maintenance update available for download today. As usual select Check For Update to get the latest software or download the latest SLIMax Manager Pro installer from EKSIMRacing website.

Changelog (2022-11-30)

Fanatec basic configuration preview fixed
Rare freeze when quitting app with Fanatec DD1 connected fixed
Basic Setup Options Optimized

[UPDATED] New SLIMax Mgr Pro plugins for RaceRoom Racing Experience Available!


New SLIMax Manager Pro plugins for RaceRoom Racing Experience is available today (2022-12-01).


  • Conformity with latest API of R3E,
    general voltage contains Battery level (0 – 100) and waterWarning contains brake water tank level (0 – 200)

Check the plugin page to get more info.

Launch SLIMax Manager Pro and select β€œCheck For Update” to get the latest software.

UPDATED: Logitech G29/G923/PRO RACING WHEEL Support Compromised on Windows 10/11

UPDATED 2022-11-28: Nice catch from our user, to get your rev-led ready for SLIMax Manager Pro do not install G Hub but “Logitech Gaming software” (LGS). The steering wheel driver is correctly installed even if LGS indicates no usb device detected after installation (it’s safe to uncheck run at startup in LGS settings and exit).. Follow these links below to download the corresponding version:

Windows 10/11 64-bit

Windows 8/7 64-bit

Logitech Gaming Software Download link:

Unfortunately there’s a significant issue with G HUB driver on Windows 10/11 which prevent to get access to the rev led (shift-lights) features from SLIMax Manager Pro or from game apps. Sometime this is working after uninstalling G HUB or just quitting G Hub but most of the time it doesn’t work. however, everything is working as expected on Windows 7 using G HUB for Windows 7. G27 use its own driver and not G HUB so it works.

for nerds/geeks: the issue is certainly related to a wrong report from the G Hub driver to windows of the length of HID OutputReportByteLength… and if you’re lucky quitting the G Hub restore the correct number and matches the HID Report registered by windows… writing to usb device in this case works as expected…

Any G-Hub bypass/workaround is welcome, if you found a reliable way to use the Rev LED with our software, contact us

This was a lucky day πŸ™‚

[UPDATE] SLIMax Manager Pro Update (v3.4.6.7j) Available Today!

Free maintenance update of SLIMax Manager Pro available for download today (2022-11-21)


– rev led support of Logitech G PRO Racing wheel added (still in beta, contact us if this doesn’t work as expected for you) in addition to G27, G29 and G923
– minor bug fixes

As usual select “Check For Update” menu to get the latest version or download the latest version on website.

[NEW UPDATE] New Release Of MotionMax Manager 2DOF+TL is out!


A free update of MotionMax Manager 2DOF + TL (Traction Loss) SCN Edition is available today (2022-11-07). Launch MotionMax Manager and select “Check For Update” to get the latest software.


  • full support of 200mm stroke of the 2DOF simulator in addition to the current 50, 100 and 150mm,
  • all joints of the machine has been recalculated from scratch to match the real dimensions of the machine to increase the accuracy of movements and get a better traction loss feeling,
  • implementation of the flight motion model in addition of the current and default racing model,
  • you can switch the model dynamically and save it in game profile,
  • for example use default racing model for Assetto Corsa Competiozione and the new Flight model for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020,
  • the User Interface (UI) has been completely refined for a better user experience in Windows 11 and 10 (still compatible with Windows 7 SP1),
  • minor bugs fixed

IMPORTANT: All game profile Amplitude Max values are set for the 100mm stroke, if you setup a 50mm, 150mm or 200mm machine do not forget to increase the Amplitude Max of your game profiles.


[NEW UPDATE] SLIMax Manager Pro Update (v3.4.6.7i) Available Today!

SLIMax Manager Pro Has Been Updated, version v3.4.6.7i (2022-10-31) is available for download. Check For Update to get the latest software.


  • compiled with latest Fanatec SDK 4.05 and fully tested with Fanatec driver 447,
  • support all Fanatec hardware*
  • the User Interface (UI) has been completely refined for a better user experience in Windows 11 and 10 (still compatible with Windows 7 SP1),
  • Default Side To center fixed,
  • minor bugs fixed

*RGB Buttons of BMW M4 GT3 will be supported as soon as the feature is implemented in Fanatec SDK, if you still want to use the old CSW Base v1 with SLIMax Mgr Pro (which is not recommended), contact us.

Make sure to select menu β€˜Check for update’ on regular basis to stay up to date.

More info about SLIMax Manager Pro is available on EKSIMRacing website.