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zCube Developer Kit For SCN5 and SCN6 Linear Actuator

zCube Runtime For SCN5 and SCN6 Linear Actuator. Control Your Electric Linear Actuators Using Scripting language.

zCube Dev. Kit is for Lua developers and contains everything to control your 2DOF to 6DOF motion platform simulator, DIY Projects, Automation, Robotics, …

Visit EKSIMRacing foundation for more info:

zCube Script Assetto Corsa Competizione And Thrustmater F488 Challenge Ed.

Control Your Gaming Hardware Using Scripting language

The zCube Developer Kit is Available For Download!

In this video we run a very short zCube script using the zCube API to receive the ACC telemetry data and uses RPM value to lit up LED of Thrustmaster and SIM Race F1, show speed on left digit panel, gear on central indicator and RPM (value/100) on right panel.

The ACC script and many others are obviously available to all registered users to get started quickly with Assetto Corsa Competizione. Thanks for watching and happy coding with zCube!


Visit EKSIMRacing foundation website for more info:

API documentation:

zCube Developer Kit

zCube Runtime and zCube Device Extensions by Zappadoc

Control Your Gaming Hardware Using Scripting language

z3 Dev. Kit is for Lua developers, contains everything to make your custom application with scripts for sim racing, flying simulation, prototyping, research, edu and other apps using entertainment hardware.

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[PLUGINS] New Forza Series Plugins (FM7, FH4, FH5) For SLIMax Mgr Pro And MotionMax Manager


Forza Horizon 5 (FH5), Forza Horizon 4 (FH4) and Forza Motorsport 7 (FM7) Plugins have been updated, select “Check For Update” to get the latest software.

Setup the UDP port in game settings
IP Address (loopback):
Default UDP Port:
7777 for FM7
9999 for FH4
5555 for FH5
(select data type “Car Dash” for FM7)

“Car Dash” must be selected in FM7 game settings to work.

VERY IMPORTANT: loopback of UWP app like forza game could be disabled on your game installation which prevent to receive telemetry, search the web if you can’t communicate with your game. This a Microsoft issue and not related to our software and can be fixed with a simple command line.

Common Errors:
– plugins not activated
– UDP port not setup correctly
– CAR DASH not selected in FM7 game settings
– other app is running on same UDP port (this is not possible without a UDP sim-racing proxy server, – check our website for more info on proxy server)
– Network isolation, loopback is disabled in UWP app like Forza games


[UPDATED] SLIMax Manager Pro Has Been Updated v3.4.6.7f (2022-01-30)

New Update Of SLIMax Manager Pro! (2022-01-30)


  • Kartkraft auto-setup fixed

Make sure to select menu ‘Check for update’ on regular basis to stay up to date.

More info about SLIMax Manager Pro is available on EKSIMRacing website.

VDASH-EMU ButtonBox (2015) vs NEW V2RButtonBox (2021) Which is better for you?

The old VDASH-EMU ButtonBox (2015 gen. 1) vs the New V2RButtonBox (2021 generation 2)


VDASH-EMU is a virtual racing dash MAINLY which displays telemetry from racing game supported by SLIMax Manager Pro only.

The virtual button-box integrated in VDASH-EMU is limited to 32 buttons and works with a char mapping system to simulate keystroke.

VDASH-EMU can also be bridged with a teensy LC usb controller ($12) with the first generation of V2R technology which makes char mapping unnecessary.

Software license is $5 per emulator (tablet).

Hardware Capabilities standalone: none with the usb controller: 32 buttons

VDASH-EMU displays telemetry information from racing game supported by SLIMax Manager Pro with a basic button-box.

Software license is bonded to the dedicated tablet.

V2RButtonBox is a powerful REAL TIME virtual button-box using the 2nd generation of V2RBox technology to be usable like a REAL (physical) button-box and compatible with ANY game or software using joystick inputs (buttons, encoders, axes).

Software license is $5 + $12 for the Teensy LC usb controller which is available everywhere. Software license covers UNLIMITED button-box emulator running on Android or Windows (we recommend a large dedicated Android tablet for real time usage).

Hardware Capabilities: 64 buttons + 6 axes per controller (up to 256 buttons+26 axes with 4 controllers).

V2RButtonBox is universal and much more powerful than gen 1 and dedicated to button-box usage for fly-sim, sim-racing, post prod audio/video control, 3D controller and any software using joystick inputs.

Software license is bonded to the usb controller with unlimited button-box emulators (tablet Android or Windows).

  VDASH-EMU Button-Box (2015) V2RButtonBox (2021 MK II)
V2R Technology First Generation (2015) Second Generation (2021)
Real Time No Yes (up to 1000 impulses per sec)
USB Controller PJRC Teensy LC ($12 – optional) PJRC Teensy LC ($12 required)
Max Buttons Per Controller 32 with usb controller or NO hardware capability without usb controller 64
Max Axes Per Controller 0 6
Max USB Controllers 4 (128 buttons) 4 (256 buttons and 24 Axes)
Screen Ratio Supported 16:9 16:10, 16:9, 5:3, 4:3, 3:2
OS Platform Windows and Android Windows and Android
Software Compatibility Games Supported By SLIMax Mgr Pro Universal, All Software or game using button or axis
Software License $5 per Windows or Android tablet Unlimited V2RButtonBox for Windows AND Android tablet $5 for the V2RBox USB Controller
More Info (link) SLIMax Manager Pro