Forza Motorsport 2023 Plugins MS and Steam 64Bit Avaialable

New Forza Motorsport 2023 Plugins MS store and Steam 64Bit versions for SLIMax Manager Pro (USB Device Displays and Virtual Racing Dash) and MotionMax Manager (2DOF to 6DOF Motion Simulator) are available today.

As usual select Check For Update to get the latest software and do not forget to activate the plugin corresponding to your installation ( ForzaMortorsport or ForzaMotorsportSteam).

Read the plugins page for more information.


EA SPORTS WRC New Game Profile For MotionMax 2DOF + Traction Loss

Enjoy Estonia or Finland with this new alternative game profile for MotionMax Manager 2DOF + TL (Traction Loss). Driving on your simulator with MotionMax motion code and EA WRC game gives you a high level of precision and control of your car, a natural feeling of the road and traction. Ideal for serious training but also for maximum of fun.

The default and this new alternative game profile are a good base to make your own. As usual select “Check For Update” to get the latest software.

MotionMax 2DOF + TL software is compatible with any 2DOF using SCN6 (or SCN5) actuators from Dyadic System. Check the web page to get started with MotionMax.

DIY Project 2DOF+TL Motion Simulator Read More…



New EA SPORTS WRC plugin for MotionMax is now available. As usual Check For Update to get the latest software. This is a recommended update.

Changelog 2023-11-15:

  • fixed acceleration and velocity.
  • The WRC documentation 1.3 states velocity and acceleration are in local* space which is wrong, it’s in world* space. So the workaround was to convert vector from world to local.

*In 3D local = relative to vehicle; World = relative to the map.

Load the first stage of Estonia for example, jump in your FREX 6DOF or your 2DOF+Traction Loss powered with MotionMax Manager, load the default EA WRC game profile and enjoy!

More info available on EA SPORTS WRC plugin page.

More Info on FREX 6DOF Simulator at FREX online store


EA SPORTS WRC Plugins for MotionMax Manager 2DOF+TL and 6DOF

EA SPORTS WRC Plugins for MotionMax Manager 2DOF+TL and 6DOF have been updated. As usual select “Check For Update” to get the latest version.

IMPORTANT: if you have some bad or weird behavior with your simulator during the stage, THIS IS NORMAL!!! The WRC telemetry currently available (1.3) is bugged, to be short all required data are WORLD (map) based and not LOCAL (Vehicle) based… Sorry for this inconvenience, we hope the WRC Codemasters team will update their telemetry as soon as possible.

More info available on EA SPORTS WRC plugin page.

UPDATED: EA SPORTS WRC Plugins Available

2023-11-08 UPDATED: The plugins EA WRC for SLIMax Manager Pro and MotionMax Manager have been tested successfully with the latest patch, enjoy your sim racing displays and motion simulator with this new game. I remind you that the current data provided are SUPER POOR!!!!!! so do not expect good motion data and good dash data like fuel, tires temp, etc. so no improvement in telemetry compared to DiRT Rally 2.0…

if you have an android tablet running VDASH-EMU (our Virtual Racing Dash Emulator), we suggest to install the DiRT Rally 2.0 Template from Makefred available for download here:


The new EA WRC plugins for SLIMax Manager Pro (usb display devices and tablet racing dashboard) and MotionMax Manager (2DOF to 6DOF motion simulator) are ready for download.

As usual select Check For Update menu to upgrade your installation. do not forget to ACTIVATE your plugins. Check the plugin page for more info.


Gran Turismo 7 PS4/PS5 Console Bridge Plugins Available

The “Console Bridge” bridges MotionMax Manager software and FREX 6DOF or 2DOF motion simulator with your game console Sony PlayStation (PS4/PS5) and Gran Turismo 7 (GT7).

Check For update to get the latest plugins and applications.

Getting Started With Gran Turismo 7 Console Bridge

The PS console must be power on and be connected to your local network with Ethernet cable

First time you launch GT7ConsoleBridge.exe it prompts you to enter the IP address of your PlayStation and create the config file “gt7bridge_conf.txt”. You need to grant the communication between the console bridge and playstation when the firewall prompt you to do so.

Launch MotionMax Manager select the default GT7 game profile (gamepad or wheel)

Be sure the GT7ConsoleBridge plugin is ACTIVATED using the Plugins Manager

Start GT7ConsoleBridge.exe on the PC (the app is inside MotionMax Manager directory)

Now run the GT7 game on the console, go on track and enjoy your motion simulator with your GT7 game.


Read the instructions on plugin pages for more info…

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