[PLUGINS] New Forza Horizon 5 (BETA) Plugins Available For Download!

DOWNLOAD New Forza Horizon 5 Plugin Available for SLIMax Manager Pro!

*Untested* same restriction / limitation of FH7 and FH4

known issue:

– very poor API

– Windows 10 “network isolation” of UWP app avoid using the UDP loopback on localhost (, loopback needs to be activated with third party tool (unsupported)

– may need an UDP port forwarding settings on your router with steam version (unsupported)

[SMX PRO] New Version Of SLIMax Manager Pro Is Available Today!

New Version Of SLIMax Manager Pro is available for download today

Select “Check for update” to get the latest software and activate the F1 2021 plugins.

Changelog 2021-07-08:

– added final version of F1 2021 plugins to be ready (just in time) for the release of the game


– EKSIMRacing foundation is happy to continue to offer the software license to Fanatec owners,
click ‘Yes’ button when SLIMax Manager Pro prompts you at startup to download the license. It will be downloaded and installed automatically.

Obviously if you’re using the software since year or decade and happy with it please consider making a donation to help EKSIMRacing foundation.



[MMX 6DOF 3DOF 2DOF] New Version Of MotionMax Manager Are Available Today!

New Version Of MotionMax Manager are available for download today

Select “Check for update” to get the latest software and do not forget to activate the F1 2021 plugins.

Changelog 2021-07-08:

– fix a memory leak in UI management on 8K monitor or triple 4K configuration
– added final version of F1 2021 motion plugins to be ready (just in time) for the game’s release.



MotionMax 6 Manager 6DOF SCN Edition (MMX6)
Get the most advanced and professional 6DOF motion simulator platform manager for Dyadic SCN Actuators. A powerful tool for your 6DOF simulator! MotionMax 6 Manager 6DOF includes the SCN Actuator driver which is optimized to get the best of SCN6 Actuator. Also, default game profiles (DOF settings) are included for your convenience to get started quickly with your favorite simulation. With a full control of your 6DOF simulator machine, you can fine tune the motion result to suit your needs. Obviously, you can create, modify and share your custom profiles very easily. The MotionMax Manager 6DOF FREX Edition License is available through FREX Japan.


MotionMax Manager 2DOF is available at $95 and open for registration. The software is compatible with all 2DOF (with or without optional traction loss) simulator machine based on SCN6 or SCN5 actuators. Click this link for more info.

Make sure to select check for update on regular basis to stay up to date.

UPDATED: Codemasters F1 2021 Beta2 Plugins Are Available For Download!

UPDATED: Conformity with F1 2021 Beta 2

Codematers F1 2021 Beta2 Plugins are available For SLIMax Mgr Pro (2021-06-03)

SLIMax Manager Pro F1 2021 Beta2 Plugins (STD & DX12) are out!


– As usual “Check For Update” first to keep your installation up to date
– Do not forget to activate the new installed plugin.

That’s it!

To configure telemetry API v9 of F1 2021, simply launch the game and in UDP Telemetry settings do the following:

– set Fanatec LED OFF
– set UDP Telemetry to ON
– the rate to 60Hz
– do not activate Broadcast
– if the IP is not set then put which is your local PC IP (localhost)
– Format: 2021

More info will be available later on Plugins Info Page



[PLUGINS] New KartKraft Plugins Available Today!

New KartKraft Plugins Available Today for MotionMax Manager and SLIMax Manager Pro!


– KartKraft Pugins updated: conformity with latest API

check the dedicated plugin page for more info

Select menu “Check For Update” and click the button “Download And Install All“.


Registration is open, MotionMax 2DOF/3DOF is compatible with all simulator 2DOF with or without traction loss option based on SCN6 and SCN5 actuators.

Register your MotionMax Manager license. Contact us by email (or use this form) if you need more info or assistance.




[MMX] Sector 3 RaceRoom (R3E) Plugins For MotionMax 2DOF, 3DOF and 6DOF Updated!

Sector 3 RaceRoom (R3E) plugins for MotionMax Manager 2DOF and 6DOF have been updated!

– pause detection improved after finishing the practice, qualify or race session. The simulator is no longer moving on automatic replay.

Select menu “Check For Update” to get the latest software.