zCube Developer Kit For SCN5 and SCN6 Linear Actuator

zCube Runtime For SCN5 and SCN6 Linear Actuator. Control Your Electric Linear Actuators Using Scripting language.

The perfect solution for your research & development in motion simulator and robotics. Create your kinematics module interfaced with zCube runtime and test your machine or prototype with unlimited DOF based on Dyadic System electric linear actuators SCN5 and/or SCN6.

zCube Dev. Kit is for Lua developers and contains everything to control your 2DOF to 6DOF motion platform simulator, DIY Projects, Automation, Robotics, …

Visit EKSIMRacing foundation for more info:


[MMX 6DOF] New Version Of MotionMax Manager (MMX 6DOF Service) Is Available Today!

New Version Of MotionMax Manager (MMX 6DOF Service) is available for download today

Select “Check for update” to get the latest software, the MotionMax Manager Installer has been updated as well

Changelog 2021-04-27:

– “Connect At Startup” feature enabled


click the check-box “Connect At Startup” (under the big connect button) and save your game profile,
next time you start MMX with this game profile, the machine will be connected at startup automatically if the initialization process is OK.

IMPORTANT: connecting your machine at startup automatically is not a safe simulator startup process. Use at your own risk.


MotionMax 6 Manager 6DOF SCN Edition (MMX6)
Get the most advanced and professional 6DOF motion simulator platform manager for Dyadic SCN Actuators. A powerful tool for your 6DOF simulator! MotionMax 6 Manager 6DOF includes the SCN Actuator driver which is optimized to get the best of SCN6 Actuator. Also, default game profiles (DOF settings) are included for your convenience to get started quickly with your favorite simulation. With a full control of your 6DOF simulator machine, you can fine tune the motion result to suit your needs. Obviously, you can create, modify and share your custom profiles very easily. The MotionMax Manager 6DOF FREX Edition License is available through FREX Japan.

[MMX 6DOF] New Major Update Of MotionMax Manager 6DOF Today!

New Major Update Of MotionMax Manager 6DOF Today!


New major version of MotionMax DOF Service (v1.0.1.5) deployed today with a new management of the DOF limits to prevent the 6DOF simulator from locking up when they are exceeded.

This small change have an huge impact on the machine behavior and increase greatly your immersion and gaming experience. This is obviously a free and ultra recommended update!

Tick the “Strict DOF Limits” checkbox in Machine Settings to get the old behavior and block the machine as soon as the limit is reached by one axis (default is unchecked).

Select menu “Check For Update” followed by “Download And Install All” to get the latest software

Make sure to select check for update on regular basis to always be up to date.

[MMX] FREX 6DOF Body Motion+2DOF Head Motion Powered By MotionMax Manager

FREX 6DOF Body Motion+2DOF Head Motion Powered By MotionMax Manager 6DOF and MotionMax Manager 2DOF (A Total Of 9 Axis System)

The ultimate motion simulator for PRO training and track learning in a real context where all the forces involved are restored perfectly and accurately.

Contact FREX Japan for more info:

DIY Motion Simulator 2DOF+ZTLS (Zappadoc Traction Loss System) Powered by MotionMax Manager


Many people contact me since 2019 to get more info on my DIY concept of motion simulator 2DOF+ZTLS (Zappadoc Traction Loss System) powered by MotionMax Manager software, A PRO grade car racing simulator at affordable price and suitable from casual to PRO driver. Thank you all for your interest and you patience.

Good news! the time to disclose this exiting project in details is arrived.

Video of the 2DOF+ZTLS powered by MotionMax Manager Software


This project is under Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0) license and requires my written consent to be marketed or used in any business/commercial context.

In short, it’s for *PERSONAL USE ONLY* and forbidden for any business/commercial. Read the license HERE.



MotionMax Manager 2DOF+ZTLS license (MMX2) is available from FREX Japan, HERE,

REMINDER: MotionMax software license is included with EKSIMRacing “Premium Access” subscription. login your support account and check your license credit.

The DIY project is based on 2DOF+TL Motion FREX KIT available from FREX, HERE

Click this link to get more info on the [DIY] Zappadoc DIY 2DOF+ZTLS Project


MotionMax 2 Manager (2DOF+TL & 3DOF) Plugins Updates!

MMX2 (MotionMax 2DOF+TL) has been updated today with latest plugins for Flight Simulator 2020, FSX/FSX-SE and XPlane 10/11


“Check For Update” to get the latest software and ACTIVATE the plugins using the Plugins Manager.

FS and XPlane need a software bridge to send telemetry to the MotionMax2 Manager, all bridge are located in ../MotionMax2 Manager/mmx_bridges/ directory

Getting started quickly with FS2020/FSX/XP:

– for XP10/11, go to ../MotionMax2 Manager/mmx_bridges/ directory and read the X-Plane bridge read me then follow instructions to install the bridge inside the game plugins directory

– for FS2020 or FSX go to the ../MotionMax2 Manager/mmx_bridges/  directory and extract the zip

– launch MotionMax and ACTIVATE the new plugins
– select the corresponding profile which is a good base to create your own profile
– click the CONNECT button
– launch the FS2020 or FSX mmx bridge app, this step is not applicable to X-Plane.
– launch the game