zCube Developer Kit For SCN5 and SCN6 Linear Actuator

zCube Runtime For SCN5 and SCN6 Linear Actuator. Control Your Electric Linear Actuators Using Scripting language.

The perfect solution for your research & development in motion simulator and robotics. Create your kinematics module interfaced with zCube runtime and test your machine or prototype with unlimited DOF based on Dyadic System electric linear actuators SCN5 and/or SCN6.

zCube Dev. Kit is for Lua developers and contains everything to control your 2DOF to 6DOF motion platform simulator, DIY Projects, Automation, Robotics, …

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MotionMax 6 DOF Simulator Wireless Automation

MotionMax 6 DOF Simulator Automation. Wireless control of your 6 DOF motion platform from your Android phone. App not for sale, just for fun! 😉

Video MotionMax 6 DOF Simulator Automation Powered By MotionMax Manager 6 DOF

MotionMax Manager 6DOF is a true 6 DOF dedicated to car racing simulation for PRO driving training and race track learning (not suitable for fly-sim ) with smart management of Pitch, Roll, Sway, Surge, Heave and Yaw Dynamics (Traction Loss).

More Info On MotionMax Manager 6 DOF available on EKSIMRacing website: