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[UPDATED] NEW Bunch Of Updates Today!

A new bunch of updates today!

SLIMax Manager Pro (all ed.), MotionMax Manager 6DOF and MotionMax Manager 2DOF (all ed.) to be in conformity with our new secure server.

A usual select “Check For Update” menu followed by clicking the “Donwload And Install All” button.

UPDATED: Hotfix build of MMXDOFService, to fix a bug in TC due to an inversion of sway



[MMX 2DOF & 3DOF] New RaceRoom Game Profile For BMW M6 GT3 Nordschleife Combo

New RaceRoom Game Profile For BMW M6 GT3 Nordschleife Combo

New RaceRoom Sector 3 Studios profile for MotionMax Manager 2DOF+ZTLS is available today suitable for several GT3 combos (car/track) and tested with the combo BMW M6 GT3 / Nordschleife.

A very good base for making your own custom game profiles. Be sure to correctly setup your FFB and your D.O.R. (Wheel Angle). As usual select “Check For Update” to get the latest software.


[MMX 2DOF & 3DOF] Checklist Before Getting Your MotionMax 2DOF+TL Software License

Thank you for your interest in MotionMax Manager 2DOF+TL, one of the most powerful software simulator management today suitable from serious PRO to casual racer for track learning, training and sim racing enjoyment!

MotionMax Manager software license can be purchased from FREX Japan or acquired from EKSIMRacing foundation directly by making a donation equal or greater than $95.

The foundation is a non profit organization dedicated to sim racing since 2007, we’re all volunteers and all donations are reinvested in our sim racing projects.

But before making your donation to get your software license and register your account, here is a checklist to find out if your hardware is compatible:

  • you’re the owner of a 2DOF motion simulator with or without a Traction Loss system
  • your simulator is based on standard Dyadic SCN5 or SCN6 electric linear actuator 24V or 48V powered,
  • you have at least 2 (2DOF) or 3 (+optional TL) SCN5 or SCN6 with 100mm stroke (or 150mm)
  • your simulator is correctly configured and already operational
  • it is connected to your PC on USB port with an FTDI based COM RS485<>USB interface
  • your gaming PC is capable of running a car racing simulation or game at 60 FPS or higher (screen resolution minimum 1600×900)

Great! your simulator is 100% compatible with MotionMax Manager 2DOF+TL SCN Edition

Check the donation page to make a minimum donation and register your support account at EKSIMRacing, if you’re already registered, login and click the corresponding button to upgrade your account (at the bottom of your Profile Info).

As soon as you’re fully registered read carefully the Getting Started with MotionMax Manager 2DOF+TL Information (using google translator if needed) and follow instructions to download, install the software, check your simulator if it’s correctly configured for MotionMax, get your software license and enjoy your motion sim rig with your favorite games.

If you do not have yet a motion simulator and interested to build one, read the EKSIMRacing DIY Simulator Project.

Need more info? or assistance? feel free to ask using this form HERE.


MotionMax Manager 2DOF Updated Today! (MMX2DOFService v1.0.0.8)

MotionMax Manager 2DOF Updated Today! (MMX2DOFService v1.0.0.8)

TL (Traction Loss) management has been improved.

– to get a more accurate and more responsive TL management with MotionMax we suggest to double check your steering wheel settings to match the D.O.R. (degrees of rotation or wheel angle) of your current car.

– MotionMax Manager 2DOF is compatible with all 2DOF simulators based on SCN5 and SCN6 actuators

Select “Check For Update” followed by “Download And Install All” to get the latest software.