Android Apps Updated Matching New OS Signature Policy

All Android apps have been updated to match the new Android 11 OS signature policy. The update is only needed for NEW INSTALLATION of the app and contains no change.

VDASH-EMU (Virtual Racing Dash Emulators For Windows and Android)

Show racing telemetry on your Android and Windows tablet.

V2RButtonBox (Virtual To Real Button-Box)

Build A REAL Hardware Button-Box Running On Your Android or Windows Tablet…

V2RMidiBox (Virtual To Real Midi Controller)

Build A REAL Hardware Midi Controller Running On Your Android or Windows Tablet…

2 free Android apps to remote control with your smartphone / tablet your ROTEL and MICHI HIFI Amp / Pre-Amp audiophile equipment are available for download on Linux Audio Foundation website.

VDASH-EMU ButtonBox (2015) vs New V2RButtonBox (2021)


VDASH-EMU Button-Box (2015) V2RButtonBox (2021)
V2R Technology First Generation (2015) Second Generation (2021)
Real Time No Yes (up to 1000 impulses per sec)
USB Controller Required PJRC Teensy LC ($12) PJRC Teensy LC ($12)
Max Buttons Per Controller 32 64
Max Axes Per Controller 0 6
Max USB Controllers 4 (128 buttons) 4 (256 buttons and 24 Axes)
Screen Ratio Supported 16:9 16:10, 16:9, 5:3, 4:3, 3:2
OS Platform Windows and Android Windows and Android
Software Compatibility Games Supported By SLIMax Mgr Pro Universal, All Software or games
Software License $5 per emulator  (VDASH-EMU for Windows or Android) Unlimited V2RButtonBox for Windows AND Android
$5 for the V2RBox USB Controller
More Info (link) SLIMax Manager Pro v2rbox technology