VDASH-EMU ButtonBox (2015) vs New V2RButtonBox (2021)


VDASH-EMU Button-Box (2015) V2RButtonBox (2021)
V2R Technology First Generation (2015) Second Generation (2021)
Real Time No Yes (up to 1000 impulses per sec)
USB Controller Required PJRC Teensy LC ($12) PJRC Teensy LC ($12)
Max Buttons Per Controller 32 64
Max Axes Per Controller 0 6
Max USB Controllers 4 (128 buttons) 4 (256 buttons and 24 Axes)
Screen Ratio Supported 16:9 16:10, 16:9, 5:3, 4:3, 3:2
OS Platform Windows and Android Windows and Android
Software Compatibility Games Supported By SLIMax Mgr Pro Universal, All Software or games
Software License donation per emulator  (VDASH-EMU for Windows or Android) One donation only for Unlimited V2RButtonBox for Windows AND Android for the V2RBox USB Controller
More Info (link) SLIMax Manager Pro v2rbox technology