[NEW UPDATE] New Release Of MotionMax Manager 2DOF+TL is out!


A free update of MotionMax Manager 2DOF + TL (Traction Loss) SCN Edition is available today (2022-11-07). Launch MotionMax Manager and select “Check For Update” to get the latest software.


[HOTFIX 2022-12-23] center position fixed

  • full support of 200mm stroke of the 2DOF simulator in addition to the current 50, 100 and 150mm,
  • all joints of the machine has been recalculated from scratch to match the real dimensions of the machine to increase the accuracy of movements and get a better traction loss feeling,
  • implementation of the flight motion model in addition of the current and default racing model,
  • you can switch the model dynamically and save it in game profile,
  • for example use default racing model for Assetto Corsa Competiozione and the new Flight model for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020,
  • the User Interface (UI) has been completely refined for a better user experience in Windows 11 and 10 (still compatible with Windows 7 SP1),
  • minor bugs fixed

IMPORTANT: All game profile Amplitude Max values are set for the 100mm stroke, if you setup a 50mm, 150mm or 200mm machine do not forget to increase the Amplitude Max of your game profiles.