[V2RButtonBox] Updated Today! (2021-12-04)

V2RButtonBox for Android and Windows tablet has been updated today (2021-12-04)

Minor bugs fixed (including gesture on Android).

V2RButtonBox uses the V2R technology (Virtual To Real) to allow creating and using virtual button-box like a real hardware device.
– up to 64 buttons and 6 axes per controller,
– up to 4 controllers running at the same time for a total of 256 buttons and 24 axes
– analog/digital inputs objects available (push button, switch, joystick, slider, rocker switch, switch with safe cover, LED, pad, image,…)
– 48 pages for building your own button-boxes or control surface
– compatible with all software using analog and digital input (games, video, photo, digital workstation, post processing,…)
– available on Windows 7/10/11 and Android (a tablet is recommended)

The V2R is a powerful and real time technology.
Download apps And read the online doc: