[Pedals Set MOD] G.Thrust-natec or G.Fan-master?


you get bored with your (too good) HE PRO or Sim3Pedal !
need to feel the good old days…

or simply pacing like a caged lion (maybe sick of working from home! )?

okay, don’t worry, here’s some cool stuff for you!
go to your kitchen (i.e. garage)
and prepare the diner (i.e. make a hardcore pedals set mod).

first, rummage through getting some broken, not functioning, unreliable, soft like “caramel custard” (flanby) parts from your old G25/27, T3PA Pro, CSP V1/V2, CSL Elite,…



then do your magical mix!

adding some screws, nuts, washers, a bit of elbow grease as usual in DIY project!, also a bit of 3D printing and after some hard work, feel happy like a teen getting his first date and get a pretty decent pedals set:

okay now the big challenge!
try to get a T.RJ12 USB adapter….

damn’! out of stock worldwide…

anyway, if you can’t find it use the big USB adapter provided with your T3PA Pro:

(no error here, the dust on it is also part of the adapter! keep it to increase reliability)

That’s it!



FV2 Mod Exclusive! Only Available With SLIMax Manager Pro!

FV2 display is currently limited to 4 std letters + numbers only. With this mod you have 100% compatibility with the 3xDIGITS display of old Fanatec steering wheels!

To activate this hidden feature when starting the SLIMax Mgr Pro, put any text file with the name “fanatec_fv2_mod_enabled.txt” in the config folder:

C:\users\<USERNAME>\Documents\SLIMax Manager Pro\cfg\

this mod has no effect on other steering wheel, only works with FV2.