V2RMIDIBox And V2RButtonBox Available For Download

V2RMIDIBox And V2RButtonBox the ultimate virtual MIDI machine and button-box device are available for download (2021-12-15)

They use the latest generation (2021) of Virtual To Real (V2R) technology.

A powerful and real time technology to build a infinity of *REAL* machine (Button-box, MIDI controller, any control surface, MIDI drum pad, MIDI launcher pad, Video and 3D post production controller, Lightroom controller, Lighting MIDI controller, etc.) compatible with any game or any MIDI or DAW Music software and running on your Windows and Android tablet.

V2RBox MC1 Controller based on PJRC USB Teensy LC device $12 USD
Software license requires a minimum donation in USD for the USB V2RBOX controller
Unlimited V2RButtonBox and V2RMidiBox included with your license

Read v2rbox doc online for more info:


V2RMidiBox Your REAL TIME Virtual MIDI Machine

This video demo the live performance mode of FL Studio DAW.

This video demo the mapping of drum pads and master volume and the transport buttons using FL Studio DAW.

V2RMidiBox For Windows and Android
Your REAL TIME virtual MIDI machine is coming Soon.

Build your own MIDI controller, drum Pad, launch pad or control surface with the integrated editor and use it as a REAL (physical) MIDI device with your favorite DAW or any software using MIDI.

Read the doc online for more info:

V2RMIDIBox Coming Soon

V2RMIDIBox for Windows and Android the virtual and fully customizable MIDI controller is coming soon. Powered by the V2R (Virtual To Real) technology it’s real time and compatible with DAW, video/photo post production or any software using MIDI. The starter kit included contains “ready to use” MIDI controller templates. A very good base to create your own MIDI controller or control surface.


V2R A Real Time Technology – The V2RMidiBox (Virtual Midi Controller)

V2RMidiBox: A drum solo video to show up the ultra-fast reactivity of V2R technology!

The V2RMidiBox a virtual and fully customizable MIDI controller is powered by the V2R (Virtual To Real) technology and will be release very soon. stay tuned…

Contact us if MIDI is your native language 😉 and you want to play with the upcoming V2RMidiBox.


V2RMidiBox Fro Windows and Android

Virtual Hardware Specifications:

Up to 128 RGB velocity sensitive pads
Pitch bend and modulation Fader/Pots/Endless Encoders
Up to 128 knobs
Up to 128 Faders
Up to 128 Control Change suitable for any MIDI functions (stop/solo/mute/volume/FX/gain,LFO,ENV,…)
C0 to C10 Octave
Play/stop/record/loop/Rewind/Forward transport buttons
Track next/previous navigation buttons
Stop/solo/mute button
Up to 128 scene launch buttons

Works on PC/laptop/Tablet/Smartphone Windows 7 to 11 and Android OS
Full compatible with any MIDI/DAW software Ableton Live, Logic, Reason, Studio One, Cubase and Pro Tools, AKAI MPC Beat and others.
Works as a standard MIDI Contoller

10″ / 11″ or bigger responsive multi-touch tablet is recommended

48 pages fully customizable with integrated and ready to use buttons, knobs, endless encoders, faders, LEDs, launchers, … to build your own MIDI controller