[MAJOR UPDATE] MotionMax Manager 6DOF FREX Edition New Update Available Now!

Hello lucky owners of FREX 6DOF motion simulator!

A new major update of MotionMax Manager Frex Edition is available today (2022-10-24). As usual launch MotionMax Manager and select “Check For Update” to get the latest software.


  • full support of 150mm and 200mm stroke of the 6DOF simulator in addition to the current 100mm,
  • all joints of the machine has been recalculated from scratch to match the real dimensions of the machine to increase the accuracy of movements and get a better traction loss feeling,
  • implementation of the flight motion model in addition of the current and default racing model,
  • you can switch the model dynamically and save it in game profile,
  • for example use default racing model for Assetto Corsa Competiozione and the new Flight model for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020,
  • the User Interface (UI) has been completely refined for a better user experience in Windows 11 and 10 (still compatible with Windows 7 SP1),
  • minor bugs fixed

IMPORTANT: All game profile Amplitude Max values are set for the 100mm stroke, if you setup a 150mm or 200mm machine do not forget to increase the Amplitude Max of your game profiles.


MotionMax Manager (MMX) the FREX Edition created in 2018 based on kinematics work of Zappadoc started in 2015. MMX is a powerful software to manage your 2DOF, 2DOF+Traction Loss and 6DOF motion simulator based on Dyadic System SCN5 and SCN6 actuators. The traction loss management is included with all editions. The manager supports more than 60 games.