UPDATED: Logitech G29/G923/PRO RACING WHEEL Support Compromised on Windows 10/11

UPDATED 2022-11-28: Nice catch from our user, to get your rev-led ready for SLIMax Manager Pro do not install G Hub but “Logitech Gaming software” (LGS). The steering wheel driver is correctly installed even if LGS indicates no usb device detected after installation (itโ€™s safe to uncheck run at startup in LGS settings and exit).. Follow these links below to download the corresponding version:

Windows 10/11 64-bit

Windows 8/7 64-bit

Logitech Gaming Software Download link:

Unfortunately there’s a significant issue with G HUB driver on Windows 10/11 which prevent to get access to the rev led (shift-lights) features from SLIMax Manager Pro or from game apps. Sometime this is working after uninstalling G HUB or just quitting G Hub but most of the time it doesn’t work. however, everything is working as expected on Windows 7 using G HUB for Windows 7. G27 use its own driver and not G HUB so it works.

for nerds/geeks: the issue is certainly related to a wrong report from the G Hub driver to windows of the length of HID OutputReportByteLength… and if you’re lucky quitting the G Hub restore the correct number and matches the HID Report registered by windows… writing to usb device in this case works as expected…

Any G-Hub bypass/workaround is welcome, if you found a reliable way to use the Rev LED with our software, contact us

This was a lucky day ๐Ÿ™‚