VDASH-EMU ButtonBox (2015) vs NEW V2RButtonBox (2021) Which is better for you?

The old VDASH-EMU ButtonBox (2015 gen. 1) vs the New V2RButtonBox (2021 generation 2)


VDASH-EMU is a virtual racing dash MAINLY which displays telemetry from racing game supported by SLIMax Manager Pro only.

The virtual button-box integrated in VDASH-EMU is limited to 32 buttons and works with a char mapping system to simulate keystroke.

VDASH-EMU can also be bridged with a teensy LC usb controller ($12) with the first generation of V2R technology which makes char mapping unnecessary.

Software license is $5 per emulator (tablet).

Hardware Capabilities standalone: none with the usb controller: 32 buttons

VDASH-EMU displays telemetry information from racing game supported by SLIMax Manager Pro with a basic button-box.

Software license is bonded to the dedicated tablet.

V2RButtonBox is a powerful REAL TIME virtual button-box using the 2nd generation of V2RBox technology to be usable like a REAL (physical) button-box and compatible with ANY game or software using joystick inputs (buttons, encoders, axes).

Software license is $5 + $12 for the Teensy LC usb controller which is available everywhere. Software license covers UNLIMITED button-box emulator running on Android or Windows (we recommend a large dedicated Android tablet for real time usage).

Hardware Capabilities: 64 buttons + 6 axes per controller (up to 256 buttons+26 axes with 4 controllers).

V2RButtonBox is universal and much more powerful than gen 1 and dedicated to button-box usage for fly-sim, sim-racing, post prod audio/video control, 3D controller and any software using joystick inputs.

Software license is bonded to the usb controller with unlimited button-box emulators (tablet Android or Windows).

  VDASH-EMU Button-Box (2015) V2RButtonBox (2021 MK II)
V2R Technology First Generation (2015) Second Generation (2021)
Real Time No Yes (up to 1000 impulses per sec)
USB Controller PJRC Teensy LC ($12 – optional) PJRC Teensy LC ($12 required)
Max Buttons Per Controller 32 with usb controller or NO hardware capability without usb controller 64
Max Axes Per Controller 0 6
Max USB Controllers 4 (128 buttons) 4 (256 buttons and 24 Axes)
Screen Ratio Supported 16:9 16:10, 16:9, 5:3, 4:3, 3:2
OS Platform Windows and Android Windows and Android
Software Compatibility Games Supported By SLIMax Mgr Pro Universal, All Software or game using button or axis
Software License $5 per Windows or Android tablet Unlimited V2RButtonBox for Windows AND Android tablet $5 for the V2RBox USB Controller
More Info (link) SLIMax Manager Pro v2rbox technology