V2RButtonBox Beta Is Now Available For Download! (2021-11-09)

V2RButtonBox software is still in beta but is super stable and now available to general public for download, install and registration. Read carefully the hardware system requirements before registering, the license requires a minimum contribution in USD (included unlimited EMU for Windows or/and Android), the required Teensy LC usb controller is $15, read the doc online and watch video to get started quickly.

V2RButtonBox is a virtual button-box using my V2R (Virtual To Real) technology to be used like a real (physical) button-box machine or gamepad with any software or game.
Build your own button-box is easy with the integrated Editor Mode. Create Button, Encoder, Pot, Slider, Joystick, Switch, LED, Manage Objects and Selection, Copy/Paste, Assign Colors, Objects Alignment,… up to 256 buttons and 24 axes with 4 USB controllers (64 buttons and 6 axes per USB controller).

Read the online doc for more info


High Quality Button-Box Templates Included