Podium DD1 And DD2 QR Issue The Z-Ring Solution

Z-Ring version 14
2019 On an original idea by Zappadoc – EKSIMRacing.com

The Z-Ring increases the stability of you Fanatec rim loaded onto the Fanatec Podium DD1/DD2 QR system WITHOUT THE NEED TO USE THE LOCKING SCREW which is much more convenient when you have more than one wheel and want to change it quickly and that’s also the big interest of a QR system. Your rim feel more sturdy to get a better ffb feedback.



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File: z_ring_v14b.stl

Filament: PETG 1.75mm (Black or Gray Sunlu or Real)

Nozzle: 0.2

Resolution: 0.1800 (layer height)
Infill: 100%
(better than infill at 100% set “bottom Solid Layer” at 120 (the part contains 115 layers)

Rafts: No
Supports: No

Extruder: 240° first layer; 235° during 3 layers; then 230° until finish
Bed: 80°


License under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)




v14a 08/26/2019: first release to general public

v14b 08/30/2019: a little bit smaller channel for the internal QR guide bracket



(the operation is totally safe and reversible)

Changing_QR_DD2-Manual-EN PDF Page 16

– follow the Podium manual (page 16) to remove the QR System

– unload the metal locking ring and the pressure ring (put the pressure ring in safe place we no longer using it)

– to be able to remove easily big black rubber (put the black rubber in safe place we no longer using it), the big rubber is the main cause of the flex of your rim.


– insert the Z-Ring (see the image)
– load the locking ring IN REVERSE
– follow again the Podium manual to put back the QR system
– Tighten the locking ring over the Z-Ring

once installed and when changing the rim on the Podium base you have nothing to do other than remove the current rim and put the new rim.

It is therefore more stable (no lateral flex anymore) but also faster when changing rim.

That’s it!



Z-Ring Podium QR Mod Review By Sim Racing Garage:

Published on Sep 5, 2019

Attention, the big locking ring in video is not reversed be sure to load it on the QR shaft in reverse
(see the installation above)




We still hope Fanatec is going to create a new shaft for the Podium like the one below:



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