DiRT Rally 2.0 build v1 How To Improve FFB With Your OSW Direct Drive


NOTICE: The first time I give the trick to the sim racing community on how to use the Simucube direct drive was with DiRT 4 June 09, 2017 and now with DIRT Rally 2.0.

Do not be fooled by the guys around who don’t know what they are talking about and who don’t give you the correct information. Read the original and reliable information on EKSIMRacing, see the link below.




Read carefully my tutorial to be able to use your OSW Simucube (native firmware or MMOS version) with DiRT Rally 2.0 build v1

REMINDER: Choose the corresponding TAB MMOS or Simucube and apply the recommendation scrupulously or the improvement below will not working.

Click to read how to use the Simucube with DiRT 4 and DiRT Rally 2.0


Okay, now everything is correctly installed and waiting for the FFB patch from Codemasters here is how to improve greatly and very easily the feeling of the road surface which is seriously lacking in the current version.

First you have to load the settings for DIRT Rally 1.0 on the Simucube FW or the MMOS and change the MAX FORCE to 100% FFB

then apply the settings below

ATTENTION: Tyre Slip and Engine are grayed BUT PERFECTLY USABLE with the sliders


Now go on track and turn the wheel to test the force and go back to the game settings to adjust the “Self Aligning Torque” parameter, if your MMOS or Simucube FW is correctly setup at 100% MAX Force you should get a good FFB with a value between 18 and 25. Collision value should be around 20.

This is simple you ask DR2 to send the max FFB values to your DD so you pass the full control to your MMOS / Simucube FW filter settings (which must be good obviously). Only the “Self Aligning Torque” of the game parameters is retained to control (decrease) the value to obtain the proper balance of FFB force.

That’s It!




French video tutorial by Fanconen

DiRT Rally 2.0 Plugins Available For Download Today!

New update today of SLIMax Manager Pro & MotionMax Manager (2019-02-20)Changelog (2019-02-20):

– NEW DiRT Rally 2.0 plugins available for download

To get the latest Plugins for SLIMax Manager Pro or MotionMax Manager
run the manager and select menu « Check For Update… »
and then click the « Download And Install All » button


Plugin Info Page (including game configuration):


OSW MMOS or Simucube Firmware With DiRT Rally 2.0


I’ve done a mod for DiRT 4 to support Simucube OSW Direct Drive (MMOS and Simucube FW), this mod can be apply “as is” to DiRT Rally 2.0. Follow instructions here:


Enjoy your OSW DD with DiRT Rally 2.0! 😉


UPDATED: SLIMax Mgr Pro: New Fanatec Formula V2 Supported!

Updated: SLIMax Manager Pro v3.4.6.5 is now available to beta testers, VIP, Gold, Generous donators and Pro, here.


The new Fanatec Formula V2 steering wheel is now supported by SLIMax Manager Pro. The new version is scheduled for next week. SLIMax Mgr Pro will be first available in Beta Test And Preview Software Download area (you need to be fully registered as beta-tester, gold member, generous donator or PRO to access this area).

New Fanatec Formula V2 Supported By SLIMax Manager Pro

Sim Racing Proxy Server (Universal UDP Forwarder Solution)

Sim Racing Proxy Server 64Bit
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Check the SRPS page to download: http://www.eksimracing.com/srps/

Universal UDP Proxy Server for all games using UDP stream
(c)2018 by Zappadoc – All Rights Reserved.
Edited by EKSIMRacing.com

This server workarounds the limitation of games using UDP to send telemetry. SRPS app manages more than one UDP Stream and dispatch UDP packet to apps/devices. This proxy server get connected to the game with a main UDP port ( default 7777) and dispatch data to all registered apps/devices (UDP ports / IP address) up to 50 streams.


Assetto Corsa Competizione EA Alpha plugins 64Bit Available Now!

New Assetto Corsa Competizione EA Alpha plugins 64Bit (2018-09-12)

– first release of SLIMax Mgr Pro plugins for Assetto Corsa Competizione ALPHA
To get the latest Plugins for SLIMax Mgr Pro (v3.4.6.1 or greater must be already installed),

– first release of MotionMax Mgr plugins for Assetto Corsa Competizione ALPHA

Run the manager and select menu « Check For Update… »
and then click the « Download And Install All » button

Plugin Info Page:


Codemasters F1 2018 plugins Available!

Final version of Codemasters F1 2018 plugins Available
(first release 2018-06-19)

Enjoy your motion (or static) sim-rig with latest F1 Opus from Codemasters.

To get the latest Plugins for SLIMax Manager Pro (racing devices and EMUlator display management)
and MotionMax Manager (6DOF simulator management)
run the manager and select menu « Check For Update… »
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Activate the plugin after the update using the Plugins Manager.

Check the Plugin Info Page For More Info.


MotionMax Manager FREX 6DOF Simulator iRacing Simulation

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Getting Started With MotionMax Mgr FREX Edition:

FREX Japan:

In Use On This Video:
FREX 6DOF Simulator Powered By MotionMax Manager FREX Edition

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Simucube Direct Drive OSW Solution

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