MotionMax FREX Style 6 DOF Simulator Concept by Zappadoc

MotionMax FREX Style 6 DOF Simulator Concept
by Zappadoc (2019-11)

Video MotionMax FREX Style 6 DOF Simulator Concept v2 (new top) By Zappadoc


Video MotionMax FREX Style 6 DOF Simulator Concept By Zappadoc


This simulator concept is very easy to install (2 main parts only + actuators) and directly compatible with MotionMax Manager 6 DOF simulator software.

MotionMax Manager 6DOF is a true 6 DOF dedicated to car racing simulation for PRO driving training and race track learning (not suitable for fly-sim ) with smart management of Pitch, Roll, Sway, Surge, Heave and Yaw Dynamics (Traction Loss).


More info on MotionMax Manager available on website:


MotionMax 6 DOF Simulator Wireless Automation

MotionMax 6 DOF Simulator Automation. Wireless control of your 6 DOF motion platform from your Android phone. App not for sale, just for fun! 😉

Video MotionMax 6 DOF Simulator Automation Powered By MotionMax Manager 6 DOF

MotionMax Manager 6DOF is a true 6 DOF dedicated to car racing simulation for PRO driving training and race track learning (not suitable for fly-sim ) with smart management of Pitch, Roll, Sway, Surge, Heave and Yaw Dynamics (Traction Loss).

More Info On MotionMax Manager 6 DOF available on EKSIMRacing website:

2 DOF With Traction Loss D.P.S. Simulator Concept By Zappadoc


The Double Pivot Structure simulator is the most easy way to build a 2 DOF simulator with a traction loss layer. This kind of simulator are compatible with MotionMax 2 DOF.

For your personal DIY motion project feel free to use, improve, share, build this simulator and create a showcase video on your YT channel to show your creation.

IMPORTANT:  The top first pivot (for TL Layer) must turn at 360° *FLAT* like a boat seat swivel base for example.

Click to read the system requirements and get more info on MotionMax 2 DOF

Get (Early) Access To Our Motion Simulator Software


Thanks to all “Premium Access” members for your generous donation and contributions to EKSIMRacing projects, you can now get access to our MotionMax Manager software from a true 6DOF to a more conventional 2DOF motion simulators in addition to racing displays and virtual racing dash EMUlator software management.

A MotionMax “Early Access” area has been created for you to be involved in this new exiting story of EKSIMRacing, of course you need a car racing simulator! and obviously this free software license is for your PERSONAL USE only.

As you may know, I started the project of MotionMax Manager for PRO racing simulator in 2015 so this is definitely NOT a beta software but really powerful, efficient and PRO racing simulator software I want to share with you today. Nothing related with the gaming experience you might have with other simulator software in this category. It’s as good for serious PRO training as it is for entertainment.

We at EKSIMRacing are proud to give you today an exclusive access to the 6DOF to 2DOF racing car simulator software technology to thank you for supporting us during almost a decade and we are going to start with the most popular simulator out there the 2DOF with an optional traction loss or surge (braking/accel.) channel based on the popular SCN Actuators. The 6 DOF SCN Edition is also available if you’re ready to build such motion simulator.

MotionMax 2DOF SCN Edition software license contains:
+ the management of 2 SCN Actuators for the 2DOF (CORE layer)
+ an optional SCN actuator for Traction Loss (TC layer)
+ and/or an optional SCN actuator for the braking/accelleration (SURGE Layer)

The MotionMax “Early Access” area is now open with all info to get started quickly. see u there.

2 DOF Simulator Powered By MotionMax Manager SCN Edition – Video Lateral/Longitudinal G Force Management

2DOF Simulator Powered By MotionMax Manager SCN Edition – Video High Accuracy

2DOF Simulator Powered By MotionMax Manager SCN Edition – Video Traction Loss

2DOF Simulator Powered By MotionMax Manager SCN Edition Video



Useful Links:

MotionMax Information

MotionMax 6DOF and 2DOF SCN Edition “Early Access”

NEW Version Of VDASH-EMU Available! (v1.1-35 2019-10)

NEW Version Of VDASH-EMU Available! (v1.1-35 2019-10)

Drag & Drop Everywhere!
A new innovative and super easy way (using drag&drop) to build your virtual racing dash for Windows, Android and Linux.

This is the main purpose of this new major update. Install templates, create virtual dash, create sophisticated Buttonbox, sharing complete dash template or part of display called “Package” has never been so easy!






Changelog v1.1-35 2019-10:

– [CHANGE] Open files dialog size increased, long names are more readable
– [ADD] UP/DOWN images swap button added to Push-Button object to swap up/down image
– [ADD] ‘Reset Background” button to Load Background dialog to clear the current background image

Menu Objects (ALL EMU VERSIONS):
– [ADD] Send To Background menu added to send the current selected image to background
– [ADD] Turn Image To FLAG menu added to convert the current selected image to a image FLAG object
– [ADD] Turn Image To Circular Gauge menu added to convert the current selected image to a Circular Gauge object
– [ADD] Turn 2 Images To Push-Button menu added to convert the 2 selected images to a push-button
– [ADD] Turn Image To Arrow Gauge menu added to convert the selected image to an arrow gauge object (beware an arrow gauge needs a perfect square image, 500 x 500 pixel for the best result)

Menu Objects (DESKTOP EMU VERSIONS Windows/Linux/SIM Race LCD):
– [ADD] Create Objects Package menu added to create a shared package with the selected objects, all objects are saved in one file called a “Package” which can be shared with your friends! All packages are saved in vdash_template/packages directory

– [NEW] Drag And Drop files / directory onto VDASH-EMU is now allowed, list of drag and drop features included:

Drag & Drop one or more image from your desktop to the EMU to create image objects
Drag & Drop image from your Internet browser to create an image object
Drag & Drop 2 images with names contain “_up” and “_down” (like my_button_up.png and my_button_down.png) from desktop to create a Push Button object
Drag & Drop a complete folder with images inside like a texture pack copy the folder into vdash_template/ directory automatically

Drag & Drop text from any text editor/writer like Notepad++, Wordpad, Word, Open Office to create multiple labels automatically

Drag & Drop a json template + its preview install it on current page automatically
Drag & Drop a complete folder that contains images, templates, preview install them automatically, if more than one template found only the first one is installed on current page

Drag & Drop a package (new container in v1.1-35 which contains objects ready to use) install all objects automatically on current page, you can create and share packages easily

New Version Of SLIMax Manager Pro And Fanatec Edition Available Today!

New Version Of SLIMax Manager Pro And Fanatec Edition Available Today!

This update is 100% free as usual and recommended!

CHANGELOG 2019-09-27:

– New support of RGB colors of FLAG LED of Fanatec Formula V2,
Edit your setup, go to Advanced Setup Options and choose the color of each FLAG LED under LED category

– Review and cleanup all scrips files for a better stability of scripting module

– full support of VDASH-EMU and V2R (Virtual To Real Buttonbox) technology added to the Fanatec Edition, enjoy your virtual buttonbox as a real (physical) device

ATTENTION: ALL Fanatec setups have been updated with new flag LED capabilities, you need to select Advanced Options in the SLIMax Auto-Upater and force the update of all setups to get them


To get the latest Plugins/Software for SLIMax Mgr (PRO v3.4.6.6 or Fanatec Ed. must be already installed),
run the manager and select menu « Check For Update… »
and then click the « Download And Install All » button


[TGS 2019] Tokyo Game Show 2019 PC Assetto Corsa Ultimate Edition Japanese version By DMM GAMES

[TGS 2019] Announced at the Tokyo Game Show 2019, PC “Assetto Corsa Ultimate Edition” Japanese version will be released and distributed on October 3rd by DMM GAMES in Japan.

The DMM Games version of the AC is not exactly the same as the steam version. If you buy this ultimate edition of Assetto Corsa and SLIMax Manager doesn’t recognize the game follow instructions written in the Assetto Corsa Plugin Info page to install the AC Plugin for SLIMax Manager (All versions), HERE.

These instructions are applicable to MotionMax Manager (6DOF Simulator software) as well.



New Version Of VDASH-EMU Is Out! (v1.1-34b 2019-09-09)

A new version of VDASH-EMU IS OUT! (2019-09-09)

Latest version 1.1-34b of VDASH-EMU is a major version and a recommended update.



– another big optimization of the code
bigger buttons on the Editbar
open and close the EditBar with the Editbar icon (on topleft icon)
NEW MENU: Align Left, Align Bottom and Distributed Horizontally and Vertically
these functions align automatically the selected objects or balance (distribute) the space between objects
NEW Align & Distrib icons on EditBar
Objects selection colors improved with: First=Cyan; Mid=Blue; Last=Purple
EVAL Visibility now displays the telemetry value when visible (and not just “1”)
Set Template… menu is now renamed Load Template…
size of properties dialog of objects reviewed and fixed
RPM Values can be typed in RPM LED/RPM Circle object properties dialog in addition to sliders
– [added] Font type has been added in advanced properties of SurfaceFlag object (see the screenshot)
– and other minor fixes








With the new Align left/bottom & Distribute Horizontal/vertical Icon




SurfaceFlag object font type property:


F.A.Q. Z-Ring For Fanatec Podium DD1/DD2 (US/UK/FR)






Salut à tous,

j’ai reçu des questions concernant le Z-Ring mod pour le Fanatec Podium DD1/DD2 (voir mon article sur mon dev blog pour plus d’info ) et malheureusement je ne peux pas répondre à chacun la même choses donc j’ouvre cette FAQ et je vais m’efforcer d’y répondre ici, si vous en avez d’autres n’hésitez pas à remplir le formulaire ICI.

Info sur le Z-Ring:
voir mon article sur mon dev blog pour plus d’info sur le Z-Ring Mod

Lire les questions&réponses sur le Z-Ring en Français:




Hi,I received some questions about the Z-Ring mod for the Fanatec Podium DD1 / DD2 (see my article on my dev blog for more info) and unfortunately I can’t answer to each person the same things so I open this FAQ and I will try to answer them all here, feel free to fill out the form HERE if you have any other question.
The Z-Ring Info:
see my article on my dev blog for more info




Podium DD1 And DD2 QR Issue The Z-Ring Solution

Z-Ring version 14
2019 On an original idea by Zappadoc –

The Z-Ring increases the stability of you Fanatec rim loaded onto the Fanatec Podium DD1/DD2 QR system WITHOUT THE NEED TO USE THE LOCKING SCREW which is much more convenient when you have more than one wheel and want to change it quickly and that’s also the big interest of a QR system. Your rim feel more sturdy to get a better ffb feedback.



License under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)

Attribution — You must give appropriate credit, provide a link to the license, and indicate if changes were made. You may do so in any reasonable manner, but not in any way that suggests the licensor endorses you or your use.

NonCommercial — You may not use the material for commercial purposes.

ShareAlike — If you remix, transform, or build upon the material, you must distribute your contributions under the same license as the original.

Read the terms & conditions of uses here (English):

Lire les conditions d’utilisations ici (Français):



File: z_ring_v14b.stl

Filament: PETG 1.75mm (Black or Gray Sunlu or Real)

Nozzle: 0.2

Resolution: 0.1800 (layer height)
Infill: 100%
(better than infill at 100% set “bottom Solid Layer” at 120 (the part contains 115 layers)

Rafts: No
Supports: No

Extruder: 240° first layer; 235° during 3 layers; then 230° until finish
Bed: 80°


License under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)



v14a 08/26/2019: first release to general public

v14b 08/30/2019: a little bit smaller channel for the internal QR guide bracket

v14b 10/22/2019: 2 versions of the Z-Ring 3D stl available, standard and 1mm deeper



(the operation is totally safe and reversible)

Changing_QR_DD2-Manual-EN PDF Page 16

– follow the Podium manual (page 16) to remove the QR System

– unload the metal locking ring and the pressure ring (put the pressure ring in safe place we no longer using it)

– to be able to remove easily big black rubber (put the black rubber in safe place we no longer using it), the big rubber is the main cause of the flex of your rim.


– insert the Z-Ring (see the image)
– load the locking ring IN REVERSE
– follow again the Podium manual to put back the QR system
– Tighten the locking ring over the Z-Ring

once installed and when changing the rim on the Podium base you have nothing to do other than remove the current rim and put the new rim.

It is therefore more stable (no lateral flex anymore) but also faster when changing rim.

That’s it!



Z-Ring Podium QR Mod Review By Sim Racing Garage:

Published on Sep 5, 2019

Attention, the big locking ring in video is not reversed be sure to load it on the QR shaft in reverse
(see the installation above)





We still hope Fanatec is going to create a new shaft for the Podium like the one below:



Disclaimer for all information related to the Z-Ring

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The information provided within these pages is not guaranteed to be accurate, nor does the management take responsibility for it. The information comes from other sources and therefore may be wholly unreliable, and the management does not guarantee its suitability for any purpose.
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