[UPDATED 2015-09-07] New BETA version of SLIMax Manager is out…

UPDATED 2015-09-07:
SLIMax Manager v3.4.4 OPEN BETA Preview
is now available to all in EKSIMRacing OPEN BETA Forum
New MAJOR update of SLIMax Manager (v3.4.4) is coming soon:
– time to detect EMUlators at startup has been divided by 10 😉
– new emulator SLIMax Virtual Dash suported (the new EMU is still in development and available soon in betatest forum of EKSIMRacing, registration required )
– a dialog invite the user to select the menu “Check for update…” on first run to download latest plugins and get your installation up to date
– full support of Logitech G29 / G920 steering wheels which join the Logitech wheels family (G25/G27)
– new Fanatec SDK
– support of the CSP v3 Throttle rumble motor in addition to brake rumble motor
– OSP factor coef bug fixed (your car setups may need an adjustment of the Optimal ShiftPoints Factor )
– better management of Optimal ShiftPoint per gear to fine tune the OSP curve ( range increased, RPM threshold values for each gear preview added in the wizard)
– traditional bugs fix
The new version will be available online using the integrated Auto-Updater. The full installer will follow and will be available on EKSIMRacing website.