MotionMax Quick tutorial: Tweak The Traction Loss Settings to match your car’s behavior

MotionMax Quick tutorial: Tweak The Traction Loss Settings to match your car’s behavior

MotionMax Manager (MMX) do all the hard stuff for you to deliver a smooth, accurate and fast motion behaviors to your simulator but as for any race car you need to tweak settings and create your setup to match the combo track/car you drive.

This quick tutorial is focused on TL (traction loss) settings.

Please refer to the MotionMax Dashboard Information to learn how to create and save a new setup.

Getting Started With MMX 6DOF/2DOF:


Tweak The Traction Loss settings:

IMPORTANT: Before setting up your TL for your combo track/car be sure to have the correct D.O.R. (Degrees Of Rotation) value for your steering wheel, use the game settings or the Simucube/MMOS configuration app to set the correct value and CHECK IT on track.

This seems obvious but it’s a common mistake like using an F1 car with a D.O.R. set to 900° and not 400°…

Set the TL with a maximum amplitude by setup the minimum speed at 5 (m/s) and the Sensitivity at 80%.

Start to spin on your race track (curvy track obviously for testing TL) with your favorite car,

Be sure the amplitude limiter is at it MAX value

And adjust the amount of Yaw Dynamics (ratio of TL acceleration/amplitude)  as you make the laps,

Then decrease the Sensitivity until this matches the behavior of your car (value should be between 24 to 54%), as soon as you feel perfectly the oversteer/understeer recovery you’re almost done,

Then go back on minimum speed setting and increase the value a little until the TL is hard to trigger,

Finally decrease this speed again to get the full TL effect back.

That’s it!

Congrats your combo track/car is now perfectly setup! do not forget to save your setup.


FREX 2DOF+TL Simulator And Yaw Dynamics (TL):

Yaw Dynamics (TL) Invert setting must be unchecked (click the image below to zoom).


Racing Driving Course:

Compared to games it’s hard to lose the traction with a regular production car, I suggest to do a racing driving course to get the essential of the TL this will help you a lot for setting up correctly your simulator with a real behavior and not making it a pinball machine…