MotionMax Manager 2DOF FREX Edition Software Is Out!



MotionMax Manager 2DOF+TL FREX Edition Software Is Available Today

MotionMax is a true 6 DOF to 2 DOF software dedicated to car racing simulation for PRO training and track learning (not suitable for fly-sim ) with smart management of Pitch, Roll, Sway, Surge, Heave and Yaw Dynamics (Traction Loss).

MotionMax (MMX) all editions supports more than 60 car racing games/simulations.

More info on MotionMax Manager available on EKSIMRacing website:


System Requirements

Windows System Requirements:
Windows OS 64bit up to date 7/8/8.1/10 (recommended to run as Administrator on Windows 8/8.1/10)

Min. Hardware Requirements:
A gaming PC capable of running a simulation or game at 60 FPS or higher (screen resolution minimum 1600×900),
with 1 USB 2.0 port available or better with a HUB USB 2.0 with external Power Adapter,
A 2DOF Simulator with 2 or 3 SCN6 100mm or 150mm (2DOF + optional TL).

IMPORTANT: all SCN actuators of your simulator must have the SAME STROKE 100mm or 150mm, you can’t mix stroke.

More Info On MMX 2DOF+TL Software and kits available on FREX webshop:


Motion MAX 2DOF+TL Software