MotionMax 6DOF Update Available Today (2019-11-22)

MotionMax 6DOF Update Available Today (2019-11-22)


Video 4K MotionMax 6 DOF Simulator Porsche 919 Hybrid EVO At Nordschleife


MotionMax DOF services and FREX Driver updated

– SWAY/SURGE/YAW Dynamics amplitude increased a little.
– Big optimization of FREX 6DOF driver

As usual select “Check For Update” menu then “Download And Install All” to keep your installation up to date.

MotionMax Manager 6DOF is a true 6 DOF dedicated to car racing simulation for PRO driving training and race track learning (not suitable for fly-sim ) with smart management of Pitch, Roll, Sway, Surge, Heave and Yaw Dynamics (Traction Loss).