Get (Early) Access To Our Motion Simulator Software


Thanks to all “Premium Access” members for your generous donation and contributions to EKSIMRacing projects, you can now get access to our MotionMax Manager software from a true 6DOF to a more conventional 2DOF motion simulators in addition to racing displays and virtual racing dash EMUlator software management.

A MotionMax “Early Access” area has been created for you to be involved in this new exiting story of EKSIMRacing, of course you need a car racing simulator! and obviously this free software license is for your PERSONAL USE only.

As you may know, I started the project of MotionMax Manager for PRO racing simulator in 2015 so this is definitely NOT a beta software but really powerful, efficient and PRO racing simulator software I want to share with you today. Nothing related with the gaming experience you might have with other simulator software in this category. It’s as good for serious PRO training as it is for entertainment.

We at EKSIMRacing are proud to give you today an exclusive access to the 6DOF to 2DOF racing car simulator software technology to thank you for supporting us during almost a decade and we are going to start with the most popular simulator out there the 2DOF with an optional traction loss or surge (braking/accel.) channel based on the popular SCN Actuators. The 6 DOF SCN Edition is also available if you’re ready to build such motion simulator.

MotionMax 2DOF SCN Edition software license contains:
+ the management of 2 SCN Actuators for the 2DOF (CORE layer)
+ an optional SCN actuator for Traction Loss (TC layer)
+ and/or an optional SCN actuator for the braking/accelleration (SURGE Layer)

The MotionMax “Early Access” area is now open with all info to get started quickly. see u there.

2 DOF Simulator Powered By MotionMax Manager SCN Edition – Video Lateral/Longitudinal G Force Management

2DOF Simulator Powered By MotionMax Manager SCN Edition – Video High Accuracy

2DOF Simulator Powered By MotionMax Manager SCN Edition – Video Traction Loss

2DOF Simulator Powered By MotionMax Manager SCN Edition Video



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