MotionMax 2 Manager (2DOF+TL) Plugins Updates!

MMX2 (MotionMax 2DOF+TL) has been updated today with latest plugins for Flight Simulator 2020, FSX/FSX-SE and XPlane 10/11


“Check For Update” to get the latest software and ACTIVATE the plugins using the Plugins Manager.

FS and XPlane need a software bridge to send telemetry to the MotionMax2 Manager, all bridge are located in ../MotionMax2 Manager/mmx_bridges/ directory

Getting started quickly with FS2020/FSX/XP:

– for XP10/11, go to ../MotionMax2 Manager/mmx_bridges/ directory and read the X-Plane bridge read me then follow instructions to install the bridge inside the game plugins directory

– for FS2020 or FSX go to the ../MotionMax2 Manager/mmx_bridges/  directory and extract the zip

– launch MotionMax and ACTIVATE the new plugins
– select the corresponding profile which is a good base to create your own profile
– click the CONNECT button
– launch the FS2020 or FSX mmx bridge app, this step is not applicable to X-Plane.
– launch the game





[MOTIONMAX 6DOF] Major Update Today!

Major Update Today (2020-08-07) of MotionMax Manager FREX 6DOF Edition


FREX 6DOF motion simulator now run at more than 120 pps (Positions Per Second) with MotionMax Manager software!

The calculation of PPS is now an average value and it’s extremely
accurate so go on track and enjoy the smooth and natural motion!

Changelog 2020-08-07:

– extreme optimization of the SCN driver

– SCN driver is now included in the MMXDOFService app

– Jog Slider in machine “Checkup” process has been fixed and is now smooth and easy to use for testing your 6x SCN actuators.

– in addition to the recent F1 2020 motion plugins, 2 new titles have been added Reiza Automobilista 2 and Laminar Research X-Plane 11 (also compatible with X-Plane 10).

This update is 100% free and strongly recommended.

As usual select “Check For Update” menu to get the latest software.

If you ‘re interested by the FREX 6DOF Motion Simulator, contact FREX Japan.


SLIMax Manager version 3.3 is OUT!


SLIMax Manager III version 3.3 is OUT!
Take the full control of your gameware

Application and plugins (c)2012-2013 by Zappadoc – All Rights Reserved.
Get the most advanced and professional manager and take the control of your gameware on your favorite games and simulations (more than 40 titles supported! ).
A powerful tool that manages your SIM RACE Deluxe or SIM RACE F1 USB Shift lights Display devices from SIM Display, USB Shift lights Interface ( SLI-PRO, SLI-M, BU0710, old SLI,…) and game controllers from Leo Bodnar and also, support any HID Compliant hardware including Fanatec, Logitech and Thrustmaster steering wheels, any buttons-box like the famous Derek Speare Designs devices, any buttons and encoders controllers, joystick, gamepad, shifter, etc. to enjoy your rig with your favorite simulation or game. The application can manage all devices simultaneously.
SLIMax Manager III is free for SIM RACE Deluxe, SIM RACE F1, Logitech G27 and Fanatec ClubSport, CSR Series and Porsche Series owners, it requires a license for other Display USB devices. Click HERE to get info on different access level of sofware support and plugins updates.
Click HERE to get an overview of SLIMax Manager
EKSIMRacing recommend SIM Display hardware. SLIMax Manager Bronze license is FREE and included with all usb display devices from SIM Display.
What’s new in 3.3 ?
The full CHANGELOG is available HERE
In short:
– Full support of the new SIM RACE F1 USB Display from SIM Display
– added helper/wizard to create your MACRO easily assignable to button and switch (no longer need a script to create a sequence of keystrokes)
– added helpers/wizards to edit prefs of plugins and install game and simulation bridge (no longer need to edit plugin settings with text editor)
– improved game device and controllers support with up to 9 switches (HAT Switch included) and unlimited buttons/encoders
– Full support of SRF1-EMU, the Android emulator of the SIM RACE F1
– F1 SETUP KIT tutorials are now available for registered users to build your custom setups easily for your F1 Style Steering wheel
In details:
– FULL support of SIM Race F1 device from SIM Display (
– FULL support of SRF1-EMU the SIM RACE F1 device emulator for Android
– Added plugins configuration wizard to UI (included a helper to install simulation bridge in their plugins directory)
– Added the MACRO wizard to assign sequence(s) of keystrokes to a position of a switch or to a button
– Improved car setup to overide GLOBAL SETTINGs, you have now the full control of your device in one car setup.
– Added an optional PIT/SPEED method that displays ‘PIT’ and the speed when the car pits.
– Added helpers in Advanced options panel
– Optimization and perfs improved for ALL Plugins
– Added all updated plugins to the installer Pkg
– Optimization of the splashscreen
– a bunch of bugs fixed
– now, installer (if the game is installed to its default directory) will install automatically bridges dll in plugins directory of rF, rF2, GPBikes, WRS, KRP, Eurotruck sim2, and all rfactor clones like GSC2012, GSC2013, SRW, Superleagues, FTruck, etc.
– “ONLINE VALIDATION” applicable to all devices included the emulators
Basic steps to get started (see the FAQ and video tutorials for a complete information).
Do not complicate your life, this is really straightforward:
1) you plug the device (must be recognized by windows)
2) install software,
3) if you need your license click the “Online Validation” button to get it,
4) configure the game to send telemetry data if it’s necessary
5) Play the game!
Optional: choose a setup in “Devices and Setups” menu
that’s it!
As usual plugins updates are available in PLUGINS DOWNLOAD section for registered user.
The v3.3 installer contains already  the latest version of the following plugins:
rFactor 2,
Assetto Corsa TP,
Steam Simbin Race07 + all Simbin packs,
RaceRoomRacing Experience,
Live For Speed,
netKar PRO,
Kart Racing Pro,
GP Bikes,
World Racing Series,
Project CARS ,
ARCA Sim Racing,
All rFactor Clones
Game StockCar 2012,
Formula Truck,
Superleague Formula,
All CodeMasters games
Codemasters F1 2013,
Codemasters F1 2012,
Codemasters F1 2011,
Codemasters F1 2010,
DiRT3 (1.1),
Richard Burns Rally,
Grand Prix Legends,
GT Legends,
Euro Truck Simulation 2
(XPlane* and FSX* plugin are available on demand, not free).

Simulation Control Management – Motion Platform

SCM_v1  Salut à vous,
J’ai commencé à développer pour le Sim-Racing avec le projet SLIBridge, associant un puissant langage de programmation pour la robotique URBI et UribiScript avec la simulation de course.
Ce projet a fait l’objet d’un concours en 2010 ou j’ai terminé 2eme il était donc tout naturel pour moi de l’élargir à toutes les simulations de course et de créer une “suite” pour les développeurs afin qu’ils puissent créer leur propre logiciel de contrôle de périphériques et de simulation avec le langage de script de la société Gostai – Urbiscript – toutes les infos sur le language sont dispo sur Urbiforge.
Pour tout ceux qui ont envie de créer leur propre logiciel de sim-racing, mon projet va permettre d’utiliser d’un coté des briques logiciels intelligentes UObject et de l’autre le langage de script Urbiscript pour construire votre programme.
Le langage URBI est très puissant et Open-Source, multitâches et performant et il s’adapte très bien à l’environnement “temps-réel” des “motion” simulateurs, il est également client-serveur par défaut et permet un fonctionnement collaboratif comme par exemple l’utilisation de plusieurs PC simultané ou une interaction avec d’autres programmes. Il pourra bien entendu “piloter” tout type de device que ce soit des cartes SLI ou des cartes contrôleur de vérins électriques/pneumatiques! 😉
A qui s’adresse ce projet dans un premier temps aux développeurs de solution pro ou semi-pro ou amateur pour les simulateurs et autres périphériques sim-racing et évidement aux utilisateurs exigeant, voulant créer une solution personnalisée et maitrisant un langage de programmation.
bref, une nouvelle aventure qui commence et toujours pour le fun,
Video de présentation de URBI: