MotionMax 2 Manager (2DOF+TL) Plugins Updates!

MMX2 (MotionMax 2DOF+TL) has been updated today with latest plugins for Flight Simulator 2020, FSX/FSX-SE and XPlane 10/11


“Check For Update” to get the latest software and ACTIVATE the plugins using the Plugins Manager.

FS and XPlane need a software bridge to send telemetry to the MotionMax2 Manager, all bridge are located in ../MotionMax2 Manager/mmx_bridges/ directory

Getting started quickly with FS2020/FSX/XP:

– for XP10/11, go to ../MotionMax2 Manager/mmx_bridges/ directory and read the X-Plane bridge read me then follow instructions to install the bridge inside the game plugins directory

Рfor FS2020 or FSX go to the ../MotionMax2 Manager/mmx_bridges/  directory and extract the zip

– launch MotionMax and ACTIVATE the new plugins
– select the corresponding profile which is a good base to create your own profile
– click the CONNECT button
– launch the FS2020 or FSX mmx bridge app, this step is not applicable to X-Plane.
– launch the game