NEW Alternative build of SLIMax Mgr Pro without Native Fanatec Support


Now Fanatec have its “in-house” and official tool to manage Fanatec hardware I built a new Alternative version of SLIMax Mgr Pro without the native support of Fanatec hardware. The new build is optimized and doesn’t load any library from Fanatec SDK. All Fanatec features are removed. You have now the choice to run SLIMax Manager with or without the native support.

As usual “Check For Update” to get this additional optimized version. After the update simply go to the SLIMax Manager Pro program directory and run SLIMaxMgrProNoFanatec64.exe app (create a shortcut of the app on your desktop if needed). This is useful if don’t have a Fanatec steering wheel or CSP pedals set or want to use the official Fanatec tool in addition to SLIMax Mgr Pro.

Devices display and EMUlators supported by this version:

SIM Display: SIM Race LCD, SIM Race F1, SIM Race GT, SIM Race Deluxe, SIM Race Pro

Leo Bodnar: SLI-M, SLI-PRO, SLI-F1, SLI Bodnar Fanatec Conversion Kit

Steering wheel: Thrustmaster TS-PC Racer Ferrari 488 Challenge Edition, Steelseries SRW-S1, Logitech G27/G29

VDASH-EMU (Virtual Racing Dash Emulator): Windows, Android and a special version for SIM Race LCD

VirtualToReal (V2R) Technology included


Thrustmaster TS-PC RACER Ferrari 488 Challenge Edition (Full Support)

New version of SLIMax Manager Pro (v3.4.6.4) is now available for download Today (in sync’ with Thrustmaster announcement).
– we are please to announce the full support of the new Thrustmaster TS-PC RACER Ferrari 488 Challenge Edition in version of SLIMax Mgr Pro and it’s 100% FREE for all Thrustmaster ‘lucky’ owners.
In addition to buttons and axes which are fully supported since the first version of SLIMax Mgr Pro, the new Ferrari 488 Challenge rim with shift-lights can be configured easily and works with more than 60 games/simulations.

Click this link to get started with your new Thrustmaster TS-PC RACER Ferrari 488 Challenge Edition
– the full installer is available on EKSIMRacing website and contains a cumulative updates, version v3.4.6.4 is the new reference STABLE version of SLIMax Manager Pro and a strongly recommended update for all registered users.
To get the latest updates (v3.4.6.2 or greater must be already installed),
run the manager and select menu « Check For Update… »
and then click the « Download And Install All » button
ATTENTION: if you have a version prior to v3.4.6.2 you need to download and install the FULL INSTALLER of SLIMax Manager Pro to get the new updates.

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