MotionMax 5DOF In Action!



MotionMax 5DOF In Action! on our testing platform using Assetto Corsa.



MotionMax 5 is a more conventional 3 to 5 DOF simulator management with 3 distinctive layers, the CORE layer (Pitch, Roll, Heave), the SURGE layer and the Traction Loss (TL) layer.



Rally Demo using the track mod “Forest Rally” with Assetto Corsa:

Closep on SURGE layer:


Plugins For RaceRoom Racing Experience (R3E) Updated Today!

Plugins For RaceRoom Racing Experience (R3E) Updated Today!

(Updated 2019-04-04 API 2.6)


Those plugins are for SLIMax Manager Pro, SLIMax Manager Fanatec Edition and MotionMax Manager and can be used ONLY with the latest version of R3E (patch released today, April 04 2019 at 15:00 PM CET ) .

There’s no backward compatibility with the old R3E API and the new R3E version so you need to update the current SLIMax plugins and MotionMax plugins to enjoy your sim (motion) rig with it.

– Select menu “Check For Update” and click the button “Download And Install All” in the auto-updater

Click this link to read the plugins page information to configure the game correctly


[NEW] MotionMax 5 Manager (BETA 5DOF Simulator)

MotionMax 5 Manager 5DOF
Simulator Software Management
By Zappadoc ©2019 All Rights Reserved.
(MMX5 BETA Launched – 2019-03-20)



MotionMax 5 Manager,a more conventional 5DOF simulator management than the MMX 6DOF with 3 distinctive layers, the CORE layer, the SURGE layer and the Traction Loss (TL) layer.

MMX5 takes the benefit of  the V.P.I. system (Vehicle Physics Interpreter) and yaw dynamics (TL) motion code of MotionMax 6. An ultra accuracy and efficiency motion result in all car categories (F1 and other open wheel categories/Endurance/Proto/GT/Rally/Kart) with more than 60 games/simulations supported.

The CORE layer is a 3DOF system with 4 actuators including Pitch, Roll and Heave management.

The optional SURGE layer on top of the CORE give you huge acceleration and braking by sliding backward/forward on top of the CORE platform using one or two actuator.

The TL Layer is a solid base under the CORE layer with a pivot on the front and an arched rail allowing the whole structure to be moved by an actuator.

The MotionMax 5 Manager is currently in beta, contact us if you’re a manufacturer and want us to add the support of your motion platform 3/4/5DOF to MotionMax 5 Manager.


More info available on EKSIMRacing website.