[UPDATED] SLIMax Manager Pro v3.4.4 rc2 is OUT!

SLIMax Manager Pro v3.4.4 RC2 is now available HERE with an important problem with auto-updater fixed and obviously, the new Plugins for the great RaceRoom  Racing Experience ( R3E) of Sector3 Studios.
CHANGELOG 2015-10-16:
The new SLIMax Manager Pro v3.4.4 rc1 is OUT!
A FULL INSTALLER is available, see OPEN BETA forum to download
if you already have the v3.4.3.90, just “Check For Update” To get the new update and keep your installation up to date,
run the manager and select menu “Check For Update…
and then click the “Download And Install All” button
SLIMax Manager Pro Edition contains all features of previous SLIMax Mgr and supports current and future devices and Emulators for Android. The update is FREE for all registered users.
Also, a new SLIMax Mgr product has been started to deliver a basic game device manager for casual racers and contains the essential of the Pro edition.

NASCAR 2003 Plugin for SLIMax Manager v3.4 available…

NASCAR 2003 Plugin for SLIMax Mgr 32Bit, is coming back!
The 32Bit plugin of the great Papyrus simulation – NASCAR 2003 –  is available (unfortunately the 64Bit version of Papyrus API doesn’t exist) in PLUGINS UPDATES of EKSIMRacing WEBSITE and in full installer of SLIMax Manager version v3.4.1.2
NASCAR 2003 is the mother of iRacing as you may know! and it’s for me a pleasure to bring it back to SLIMax Mgr v3.4! 😉
Check this link to download the plugin and get more info:
Download the latest SLIMax Manager v3.4.1.2e full installer:
Check the video tutorials here:
SLIMax Manager v3.4 is a powerful tool to manager your rig (USB display devices or any HID Compliant devices like the DSD Buttons box for example).
It’s still free for using it with your Logitech G27 or Fanatec ClubSport, CSR Series and Porsche Series alone (with no other usb device or emulator), however it requires a license for other USB display devices and Hardware Emulators.
For more info visit:
– Open 32Bit version of SLIMAx Mgr (For Windows 64Bit owners, the 32Bit version of SLIMax Mgr is inside the C:\SLIMax Manager directory\  )
– and drop onto the SLIMax window the pkg
– activate the plugin using the Plugins Manager
Nascar 2003 Plugin