[MMX2] Major Update Today Of MotionMax Manager 2DOF+TL (v1.0.0.6 )

Major Update Today (2020-11) Of MMX 2DOF+TL (MMXDOFService App v1.0.0.6 )





– an independent TL smooth effect has been added
Review your game profiles it’s now possible to get a smoother TL while the braking/accelerations remains firm


– new DR2 plugin for MotionMax Manager (and SLIMax Mgr Pro) with activation of the FREE ROAM mode of DiRT Rally 2.0, enjoy the Dirtfish area with your simulator


– a bunch of game profiles has been reviewed and changed (force update your setups to get the new ones).

Select menu “Check for update” as usual to get latest software.


DIY Motion Simulator 2DOF+ZTLS (Zappadoc Traction Loss System) Powered by MotionMax Manager


Many people contact me since 2019 to get more info on my DIY concept of motion simulator 2DOF+ZTLS (Zappadoc Traction Loss System) powered by MotionMax Manager software, A PRO grade car racing simulator at affordable price and suitable from casual to PRO driver. Thank you all for your interest and you patience.

Good news! the time to disclose this exiting project in details is arrived.

Video of the 2DOF+ZTLS powered by MotionMax Manager Software


This project is under Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0) license and requires my written consent to be marketed or used in any business/commercial context.

In short, it’s for *PERSONAL USE ONLY* and forbidden for any business/commercial. Read the license HERE.



MotionMax Manager 2DOF+ZTLS license (MMX2) is available from FREX Japan, HERE,

REMINDER: MotionMax software license is included with EKSIMRacing “Premium Access” subscription. login your support account and check your license credit.

The DIY project is based on 2DOF+TL Motion FREX KIT available from FREX, HERE

Click this link to get more info on the [DIY] Zappadoc DIY 2DOF+ZTLS Project


Flight Simulator 2020 and FSX Plugins For MotionMax Manager (MMX) Are Out!

Flight Simulator 2020 and FSX Plugins For MotionMax Manager (MMX) Are Out!

As usual select “Check For Update” menu to get the latest software and ACTIVATE the plugins using the Plugins Manager.

The flight Sim requires a bridge app to connect and acquire telemetry data from the simulation. The bridge zip packages for FS2020 and FSX are located in c:\MotionMax Manager\mmx_bridges\ after the update.

Getting started quickly with FS2020:

– launch MotionMax and ACTIVATE the new plugins
– select the profile FREX_FS2020_Default.mmx which is a good base to create your own profile
– click the CONNECT button
– launch the mmx bridge app ( FSim2020Bridge64.exe )
– launch the game


Project CARS 3 Plugin For MotionMax Manager is Out Today

Project CARS 3 Plugin For MotionMax Manager is Out Today!


– As usual “Check For Update” first to get the new software and keep your installation up to date
– Do not forget to activate the new installed plugin.

– Configure telemetry in game settings


More info available on Plugins Info Page


[MOTIONMAX 6DOF] Major Update Today!

Major Update Today (2020-08-07) of MotionMax Manager FREX 6DOF Edition


FREX 6DOF motion simulator now run at more than 120 pps (Positions Per Second) with MotionMax Manager software!

The calculation of PPS is now an average value and it’s extremely
accurate so go on track and enjoy the smooth and natural motion!

Changelog 2020-08-07:

– extreme optimization of the SCN driver

– SCN driver is now included in the MMXDOFService app

– Jog Slider in machine “Checkup” process has been fixed and is now smooth and easy to use for testing your 6x SCN actuators.

– in addition to the recent F1 2020 motion plugins, 2 new titles have been added Reiza Automobilista 2 and Laminar Research X-Plane 11 (also compatible with X-Plane 10).

This update is 100% free and strongly recommended.

As usual select “Check For Update” menu to get the latest software.

If you ‘re interested by the FREX 6DOF Motion Simulator, contact FREX Japan.


Codematers F1 2020 Plugins For MotionMax 6DOF Are Out Today!


F1 2020 Plugins (STD & DX12) for MotionMax Manager are out today! (2020-07-22)


– As usual “Check For Update” first to keep your installation up to date
– Do not forget to activate the new installed plugin.


To configure telemetry API v8 of F1 2020, simply launch the game and in UDP settings

– set Fanatec LED OFF
– set UDP Telemetry to ON
– the rate to 60Hz
– do not activate Broadcast
– if the IP is not set then put which is your local PC IP (localhost)
– Format: 2020

More info on Plugins Info Page



MotionMax Manager 2DOF to 6DOF Car Racing Motion Simulator

MotionMax SCN Edition – 6DOF Simulator – Track Imola (90s) Car Ferrari F1 (click image to zoom)

I started the MotionMax Manager project in 2015 and include the full support of 6DOF motion simulator platform (and its 2/3/4/5DOF declination) in 2018, From PRO to casual with a full 1:1 level motion driving simulator to a simple cockpit or VR rig the 6DOF (or 2/3/4/5DOF version) of MotionMax Manager is easy and powerful and supports a maximum of games and simulations.

MotionMax Manager is definitively a PRO Racing driving simulator software even if it can be use for flying-sim. The internal vehicle physics interpreter (V.P.I.) provides an ultra-realistic motion result in all car categories (Formula 1 and other open wheel categories/Endurance/Proto/GT/Rally/Kart).


MotionMax Manager FREX Edition 6DOF and 2DOF is available for purchase to general public from FREX Japan.

It is included with simulators manufactured by private motorsports companies, OEM hardware motion simulator companies and actuator manufacturers who are in partnership with us.

MotionMax Manager SCN Edition is also available with a full support of Dyadic SCN actuators. contact us if you’re interested by this software edition.

Simulation And Game Studios:
Contact us for adding the support of your game/simulation to MotionMax Manager.

Electric Linear Actuators And Motion Platform Manufacturers:
Contact us if you’re  a manufacturer and want us to add the support of your electric linear actuator to MotionMax Manager

Contact us by email (or use this form)

Visit EKSIMRacing website for more info.


6DOF Concept:

2DOF Concept:


MotionMax Manager 2DOF + TL Simulator (V4 Final) Concept

MotionMax Manager 2DOF + TL Simulator (Final) Concept


Video MotionMax Manager 2DOF + TL Simulator (Final) Concept

(including Traction Loss Options, suitable for any racing seat)


Video MotionMax Manager 2DOF + TL Simulator V4 Kit


Car racing simulator 2 DOF + TL concept for your DIY projects based on initial FREX Style 2DOF directly compatible with MotionMax Manager Software 2DOF (MMX2). Suitable for any racing seat, adjustable or not like Sparco, Recaro, OMP, etc.

MotionMax is a true 6 DOF to 2 DOF software dedicated to car racing simulation for PRO training and track learning (not suitable for fly-sim ) with smart management of Pitch, Roll, Sway, Surge, Heave (6DOF only) and Yaw Dynamics (Traction Loss). MotionMax (MMX) all editions supports more than 60 car racing games/simulations.

System Requirements
Windows System Requirements:
Windows OS 64bit up to date 7/8/8.1/10

Min. Hardware Requirements:
A gaming PC capable of running a simulation or game at 60 FPS or higher (screen resolution minimum 1600×900),
1 dedicated USB 2.0 port available or better with a dedicated HUB USB 2.0 with external Power Adapter,
Obviously a 2DOF Simulator with 2 or 3 or 4 SCN6 100mm or 150mm (2DOF + optional TL + optional SURGE).

More Info On MMX 2DOF+TL+SURGE Software and kits available on FREX webshop:

Visit EKSIMRacing website for more info On MotionMax Manager software:


Aluminum frames parts list available to registered users.

A new Simulator 2+2 DOF Concept has been released Today!

Video Simulator 2+2 DOF Concept With TL+SURGE Options

A new Simulator 2+2 DOF Concept has been released Today!

This car racing simulator is based on initial 2DOF FREX Style but include a dedicated Traction Loss (TL) and Bracking/Acceleration (SURGE) options. the DIY simulator project is directly compatible with MotionMax Manager 2DOF.

If you’re interested by my DIY simulator concept/design and currently building a 2DOF + TL (+ SURGE) contact us with link to video and article on your FB/YT to be selected and win a MotionMax software License.

MotionMax Manager 2DOF+TL+SURGE Options Software and Motion simulator Kits are available on FREX webshop: