MotionMax 2/3/4/5/6 DOF The PRO Training Car Racing Simulator Software

MotionMax 2/3/4/5/6 DOF

The PRO Training Car Racing Simulator Software

The family is now complete with the new MotionMax 2DOF software availability, this is an ultra-modular solution for your motion platform from a DIY project with a 2DOF or 3DOF core base + an optional TL (traction loss) and SURGE (braking/acceleration) layers to a full PRO training project with a real 6DOF motion platform like the FREX 6DOF machine.

MotionMax it is not yet available for purchase to the general public. It is included with simulators manufactured by private motorsports companies, OEM hardware motion simulator companies and actuator manufacturers who are in partnership with us.

If you’re interested and want us to add the support of your motion platform 2/3/4/5DOF (or your electric linear actuator) to MotionMax contact us by email (or use this form)

Visit for more info on MotionMax Software.




Codemasters F1 2019 Beta Plugins For MotionMax 6DOF FREX Edition Available!


The Codemasters F1 2019 Beta Plugins for MotionMax 6DOF FREX Edition are Available!

For those who have been selected by the Codemasters F1 2019 Beta program, the F1 2019 plugins (Standard and DX12 versions) for MotionMax are available on demand, contact FREX directly if you’re interested.

Read the plugins page for more info on how to configure telemetry.



Do not forget to activate the plugins


KartKraft Plugin For MotionMax 6DOF FREX Edition Available Today!

KartKraft Plugin For MotionMax 6DOF FREX Edition Available Today!


– KartKraft Pugins added: check the dedicated plugin page for more info

– bug fixed: percentage of smoother filter is now correctly reported in UI after reloading the MMX game profile

(version or greater required )
– Select menu “Check For Update” and click the button “Download And Install All” using the MotionMax auto-updater



DiRT Rally 2.0 FFB Patch, Fanatec Podium DD And Simucube DD


Codemasters just released the most anticipated patch! so is theFFB fixed or not? Well I’m not going to reply to this question cause it depends on your driving skill level and obviously on your hardware.

For now, I’m just going to say FFB of latest DR2.0 build is now acceptable to PRO or serious sim racer if it’s associated with a 6DOF motion simulator (or a 3DOF+TL simulator) and obviously if it’s correctly setup. Alone, so without a motion simulator, the implementation of the FFB suffers from a huge lack of information. The default FFB game settings/preset of DR2 is really bad for direct drive, do not use it ever!


Device type and id consideration:

Read my post to fully activate the support of the Simucube DD to Dirt Rally 2.0, here.

For Fanatec install the High-Torque dongle.

Then be sure to add official=”false” in the corresponding line of your direct drive device to get access to all FFB parameters of DR2.

The line in input/devices/device_type.xml file should looks like this:

For Fanatec DD, be sure to set the SEN to AUTO and keep in mind the Fanatec DD full rotation is 1080° not 900°.

Run the game and select your direct drive device in the input settings and start to calibrate the steering wheel. Calibrating is important to enable the softlock in game.

During the calibration, when the game asking you to turn back the wheel at 90° simply turn gently the wheel until your reach the 900° (attention for Fanatec DD it’s 1080°).

Then go to FFB settings and set params using the values below. These params are a good base for quickly get started with the DD and can be tweaked to suit your needs.

The “self aligning torque” in game settings should not be decreased to much to get the perfect “weight” feeling of the steering wheel, decrease the FF value from the Fanatec wheel or in the Simucube settings instead if needed.


The 6DOF FREX motion platform with MotionMax 6DOF software complete nicely your experience and immersion. This is a “must have” with latest DiRT Rally 2.0 to get a complete driving feeling, a good balance between forces and movements to avoid exaggerations that “disconnect” you from the road and for a more natural driving.



The MotionMax DiRT Rally 2 profile is a very good base and should be used to get started, then I suggest to reduce the TL effect a bit and increase the smoother effect.


If you’ve more than one device and app to connect in UDP to your Codemasters game (or any other game using UDP network protocol) I suggest to use the Sim Racing Proxy Server (SRPS), it’s 100% free.
For example, sharing UDP communication from the game with the motion simulator and a device display or a virtual dash using SLIMax Mgr Pro and MotionMax apps is easy. Read the SRPS web page for more info, here.



MotionMax FREX 6DOF Updated!


MotionMax Manager FREX 6DOF Edition has been updated today!



Changelog 2019-05-10:
– optimization of the YAW/TL moves to get a little wider angle of rotation so to have a little more feedback in TL. This is not really much as we still have to fight with limitation of the 6DOF platform but better than nothing…

– better control of the smoother filter. More efficient.

– UDP options and thumbnail added for the new upcoming KartKraft plugin which be released as soon as we get all the missing motion data from Black Delta Studios.

– iRacing Plugins fixed to work with telemetry rate at 360Hz, Read the Plugin Information for more details.

To get the new update and keep your installation up to date of MotionMax6,
run the manager and select menu “Check For Update…
and then click the “Download And Install All” button