DIY 2DOF + ZTLS Motion Simulator In Action Powered By MotionMax Manager

DIY 2DOF + ZTLS (Zappadoc Traction Loss System) simulator in action powered by MotionMax Manager using Automobilista 2 with McLaren GT3/Nordschleife combo. A great combo since the last update of AMS2.



Software and hardware requirements, parts list, mounting instructions,… Everything you need to build your own 2DOF+traction Loss motion simulator is now available at EKSIMRacing.

I’m happy to share with you this pure DIY project suitable for casual to PRO sim racer under CC-BY-NC-SA license (personal use only – commercial forbidden).

Click the link below to get started with the DIY 2DOF+ZTLS Motion simulator Project:

Visit EKSIMRacing foundation for more info on MotionMax Manager software:


[MMX2] New Automobilista 2 Game Profile For GT3 Nordschleife

Video DIY 2DOF+ZTLS Simulator, Automobilista 2 Powered By MotionMax Manager:


New Automobislita 2 profile for MotionMax Manager 2DOF+ZTLS is available today suitable for several combos (car/track) and tested with the combo McLaren GT3 / Nordscheilfe.


Again a very good base for making your own custom game profiles. Be sure to correctly setup your FFB and your D.O.R.

As usual select “Check For Update” to get the latest software.


[MOTIONMAX 6DOF] Major Update Today!

Major Update Today (2020-08-07) of MotionMax Manager FREX 6DOF Edition


FREX 6DOF motion simulator now run at more than 120 pps (Positions Per Second) with MotionMax Manager software!

The calculation of PPS is now an average value and it’s extremely
accurate so go on track and enjoy the smooth and natural motion!

Changelog 2020-08-07:

– extreme optimization of the SCN driver

– SCN driver is now included in the MMXDOFService app

– Jog Slider in machine “Checkup” process has been fixed and is now smooth and easy to use for testing your 6x SCN actuators.

– in addition to the recent F1 2020 motion plugins, 2 new titles have been added Reiza Automobilista 2 and Laminar Research X-Plane 11 (also compatible with X-Plane 10).

This update is 100% free and strongly recommended.

As usual select “Check For Update” menu to get the latest software.

If you ‘re interested by the FREX 6DOF Motion Simulator, contact FREX Japan.