Bye Bye Fanatec Podium Back To Simucube!

SCORE: FANATEC=5/10 – SimuCUBE1=8/10


Here at EKSIMRacing Lab we’re currently finishing a prototype of motion simulator 2DOF+ZTLS (I will talk about the DIY 2DOF simulator with the Zappadoc Traction Loss System soon…) with a steering wheel based on SimuCUBE 1 and WOW!!!!!!!!

Based on the simple Mige motor OSW KIT from SimRacingBay ( I strongly recommend to shop your SC from SRB) but far better than a Podium DD (we have the latest available FW version 1.0.25, we dropped MMOS), I really love this feeling more close to a real racing car.

For those who have a Podium DDx and an unused SC1 MIGE taking dust… I strongly suggest to install back the SC, update the FW (adjust your game settings ) and compare! no weird noise, no weird behaviors, stable, clear feeling of the track surface, accurate, strong, nice!

Now after that I would love to give the SC2 a try…