Quick Update Of VDASH-EMU Today (2017-11-24 v1.1-32f5)

Quick Update of VDASH-EMU Today (2017-11-24 v1.1-32f5)
– bug fixed on visibility properties of the 3 buttons of the SPEK NASCAR Gauges
The update is available today for Android, Windows and Linux see the website to download.
go to website to download using the corresponding EMU Button:
GREEN =For Android Tablet/Phone;
PURPLE=For SIM Display SIM Race LCD;
BLUE= For Windows PC/Laptop/Tablet;
ORANGE=For Embedded Linux devices
To update your VDASH-EMU simply download and install the new version over the current installation.
REMINDER: if you have a version prior to v3.4.6.2 you need to download and install the FULL INSTALLER of SLIMax Manager Pro to use the VDASH-EMU, DOWNLOAD LATEST SLIMax Mgr Pro.

New Update of SLIMax Mgr Pro and Plugins Today!

New Update of SLIMax Mgr Pro and Plugins Today!(2017-11-10 v3.4.6.3b)
This is a recommended update

NEW Plugin 64 bit for RaceRoom Racing Experience 64 bit Added! (do not forget to activate the plugin)
Compatibility mode of PCARS 2 added to P.CARS 1 plugins (ask in support forum if you need it)
MXBikes plugins and BRIDGE Updated (do not forget to update the bridge in game directory)
– usual bunch of minor bugs fixed in the manager
– The full installer of SLIMax Manager Pro v3.4.6.3b is available on EKSIMRacing website as well

Check For Update And BE READY to enjoy the upcoming RaceRoom November Patch with your sim rig.
To get the latest updates (v3.4.6.2 or greater must be already installed),
run the manager and select menu « Check For Update… »
and then click the « Download And Install All » button
ATTENTION: if you have a version prior to v3.4.6.2 you need to download and install the FULL INSTALLER of SLIMax Manager Pro available on website to get the new updates.
Notes to happy users:
Some guys here are following EKSIMRacing since years (2009 for the oldest) and still enjoy using our software today like thousands others which is a huge satisfaction for me. We are pleased to provide this new update, as usual, free of charge.
Obviously, if you are willing to help, consider making a video, write down a review, talk about your enjoyment of using our software on social networks or on your favorite forum and help each other to better use of the manager and the VDASH-EMU. Donate is not the unique way to help us, Spread the good word!
Activate the plugin after the update:

VDASH-EMU with Project CARS 2 PS4 or XB1 (PATCH 2.0 required)?

How to configure Project CARS 2 PS4 or XB1 (PATCH 2.0 is required)?

It’s really straightforward to enjoy your VDASH-EMU or your racing Shift-Lights Interface devices using SLIMax Mgr Pro and with Project CARS 2 Console version for PlayStation 4 (PS4) or XBox One (XB1), simply use the same configuration as for P.CARS 1, set UDP to 2 and API (Protocol) to “Project CARS 1” and that’s it!

follow the complete instructions HERE at EKSIMRacing software support forum.