NEW Major Update today of VDASH-EMU (v1.1-29) for Android, Windows, Linux

NEW Major Update today of VDASH-EMU (v1.1-29) for Android, Windows, Linux
CHANGELOG 2016-10-03:
– general settings, Reset to default no longer display the current page as a blank page
– fonts has been optimized to be correctly displayed when zoomed
– the thumbnail of current page in “Goto Page?” dialog is now different from the others to be quickly identified (redish)
– the shiftlights interface object is now correctly displayed when “straight view” is selected
– the Arrow Image Objects now display correctly the internal alternate arrow when it is set in properties
– new tire view of Tire Temp and Tire Wear object. it has been changed and optimized
– SUPER circular gauge object added,
give a circular design image of gauge and use it as gauge for RPM, Fuel, Speed, Throttle, etc.
It is SUPER POWERFUL and you can control it fully by setting the rotation, alpha, the portion of the circular image you want to display, obviously contains an EVAL field to control the raw telemetry data value, etc., see the circular gauges demo template for playing with this new object
ATTENTION: the new Circular template demo needs the Ring Pack and Arrow Pack in addition to the Circular textures pack. So don’t forget to install these textures pack before loading the template
A new Circular Textures Pack is available today to play with the new Circular gauge object of vdash-emu v1.1-29