SIM Race F1 EMU for Android OS, 100% FREE! Available today… ;)

SIM Race F1 EMU For Android is NOW 100% FREE!
Enjoy this first generation of display EMU with the latest SLIMax Manager Pro today!
Jump to VDASH-EMU when you are ready to get the latest generation of EMUlator and the most powerful Virtual Dash EMU available on Windows, Android and Linux
Run these EMU and enjoy your XBOX ONE and PlayStation 4 games with SLIMax Console Bridge.
Click this link below to download the SIM Race F1 EMU (SRF1EMU.apk) on EKSIMRacing website.
Click YES when SLIMax Manager Pro requests the license:
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F1 2016 Console Bridge DOWNLOAD and Info
Project CARS Console Bridge DOWNLOAD and Info

NEW F1 2016 Console Bridge For SLIMax Manager Pro

Codemasters F1 2016 Console Bridge available at EKSIMRacing.
After the Project CARS Console Bridge it’s the turn of F1 2016 Console bridge to be available at EKSIMRacing.
F1  2016  Console Bridge (F1_2016ConsoleBridge) allows anyone with a Sony Playstation 4 or an XBOX ONE to play F1 2016 game using any usb device displays or VDASH-EMU (Virtual Dash Emulators ) supported by SLIMax Manager Pro with your Game Console.
Check the EKSIMRacing website for more info…

[WIP] SIM Race LCD Controller (almost done!)

SIM Display in partnership with EKSIMRacing are proud to present you their new baby,
Still a WIP but almost done…This is only a prototype, we are working hard to release this unit ASAP…
Here is a video of  the new SIM Race LCD Controller from SIM Display in action:

4.3″ TFT display (standalone display with video composite out an adapter composite/hdmi is needed to connect it to your computer)
15 RPM leds
6 warning leds
4 external leds
32 buttons / 16 encoders
4 rotary switches
2 analog inputs
Mini USB (B) socket
Alternative USB socket
Adjustable brightness
*Optional enclosure
SIM Race LCD License for SLIMax Manager Pro software included
More than 60 simulations/games supported
Powered by SLIMax Manager Pro and VDASH-EMU
You are interested to start a DIY Project to create a modern and custom F1 Steering wheel?
A new powerful and very cheap solution powered by the SLIMax Manager Pro and VDASH-EMU is discussed right now on EKSIMRacing support forum (you must be fully registered as GOLD or PRO to access this area). See you there…