NEW Version 1.1-11 of VDASH-EMU available for Download

Version 1.1-11 of VDASH-EMU for Android, Windows and Linux is OUT!
 Change your ButtonBox layout with ease!
Changelog 2016-03-31
– long press shortcut on ButtonBox no longer bring the general prefs to front to avoid conflict with push button
– MISC Objects menu is enabled on ButtonBox with 2 new functions available to let you SET and EXPORT a buttonbox file. This way you can share your ButtonBox layouts with others and change it very easily.
Don’t wait, update your VDASH-EMU and share your ButtonBox layout with us.
2016-03-31_164519 2016-03-31_164611 2016-03-31_164415

NEW iRacing VDASH-EMU Display available with RADIO/SPOTTER controls

NEW iRacing VDASH-EMU Custom Display is available at forum
As you see it includes a cool feature to control volume/channel of RADIO/SPOTTER.
VSDASH-EMU is powerful and in addition to telemetry values or gauges or dials you can easily create a custom display with controls like push button or encoder or switch map them to MACRO (sequence of keystrokes) and drive your game or simulation with it. 😉
DOWNLOAD (you need to be fully registered as GOLD or PRO to access this area)

[BETA TEST] Project CARS Console Bridge (Use SLI Displays and EMU with your PS4)

UPDATED 2016-03-28: Now in OPEN BETA and available for DOWNLOAD to all, HERE.
A cool and fun project for racers is now in beta test at EKSIMRacing !
Project CARS Console Bridge 32 and 64 bit (PCCB) is now ready to be tested, it allows anyone with a Sony PlayStation 4 and Project CARS game to use all usb device displays or Emulators supported by SLIMax Manager Pro with your Game Console (including the latest VDASH-EMU Emulator for Android, Windows and Linux).
(may work on XBOX ONE but untested)
The PCCB requirements:
– PS4
– Project CARS for PS4 with UDP preference set to 2
– SLIMax Manager Pro installed on PC (it could be any desktop PC or laptop) with a VALID LICENSE for an usb device display or any EMUlator (the VDASH-EMU for Android can be perfect as you can put the tablet in front of you  when you play on the console )
– PC and PS4 must be connected to your LAN network to receive the stream from the game

[VDASH-EMU] Version 1.1 of VDASH-EMU for Android, Windows and Linux is OUT!

Version 1.1 of VDASH-EMU for Android, Windows and Linux is OUT!
The VDASH-EMU 1.1 is another step forward to free up your creativity and gives you a full control of your custom display objects.
A strongly recommended update!


Changelog 2016-03-16
Bugs Fix
– restore the size of Shiftlights Rally/GT object after deletion is fixed


– scaling almost all objects up to 1.5 ratio is now allowed (was previously restricted to 1.0 ),
– zooming in/out RPM Led, External Led and Marshal Led is now allowed, useful to create tiny leds,
– zooming in/out FIA FLAGs Object now allowed,
– zooming in/out CAR SIGNAL Object is now allowed,
– zooming in/out Control Push Button Object is now allowed,
– fine tuned up/down/left/right buttons now move object with 0.5 step (was 1),
– moving or zooming buttons have now a powerful progressive factor to have a better control of the objects selected ,
consequently, more the button is held down more the speed of move or zoom increases,
RPM Std Gauge horizontal / Vertical added
Super Shiftlights (SLI) Horizontal and Vertical added
Super FUEL Gauge Horizontal and Vertical added
The new Super SLI and Fuel Gauge are super-powerful. Thanks to their properties which gives you an infinite possibilities for your custom template displays. The screenshots below are some of examples of what you can do with these SUPER Objects!
Arrow Image Objects added, this is another super-powerful object and let you choose an image as ARROW for your custom gauge in addition of the 2 integrated arrow design, usefull to create any gauge from oldies to ultra modern…
A new Arrow Texture Pack is available for download as well
(you need to be fully registered as GOLD or  PRO to get access to texture packs and custom display templates)