SLIMax Virtual Dash Emulator (VDASH-EMU) 1.0.9 For Linux is available for download on EKSIMRacing website!
This Embedded Edition is fully portable/standalone and can be embedded into any Integrated hardware display device (in dashboard or steering wheel or on desktop pc).
This version is fully compatible with Windows and Android version as such, all templates can be shared on the 3 platforms.
Extract the archive (tar.gz) and launch SLIMaxVDashEmu app, then use the SLIMax Manager or greater on your PC to bridge the simulation or game to your Linux VDASH-EMU.
The vdash_template/ directory is in your Home directory
*Linux System Requirements: Linux OS 64Bit with video driver compatible OpenGL 2.0 or greater and hardware acceleration (GPU).
For your integrated display hardware I recommend to start with Arch Linux distro (https://www.archlinux.org/) if you do not want to deal with LFS (http://www.linuxfromscratch.org/).
see the Getting Started section for more info and basic usages…

VDASH-EMU For Windows is OUT!

VDASH-EMU For Windows is OUT!
SLIMax Virtual Dash Emulator ( VDASH-EMU ) is a HIGH QUALITY hardware display emulator and telemetry dashboard and “SECOND SCREEN” for your Android tablet or phone or Windows. It contains already the emulation of 4 displays ready to use + 16 other pages entirely customizable with the integrated editor and a DSD Like Button-Box with 32 buttons/encoders and 3 rotary switches.
Enjoy this new emulator with more than 60 games/simulations and powered by SLIMax Manager Pro or greater.
This is the fastest “Second Screen” virtual dash and the most powerful. The emulators works on smartphone or tablet using Android or on Windows 7/8/8.1/10. The app is an emulator (not a toy) of the real USB Device and enough powerful to display exactly the same information with NO LAG!
See the website for more info…
SLIMax Emulators
web: http://www.eksimracing.com

NEW MASSIVE UPDATE SLIMax Mgr Pro, VDASH-EMU Android and Windows

New massive update of SLIMax Manager Pro (v3.4.4.8 ), VDASH-EMU for Android (v1.07) and VDASH-EMU For Windows (v0.3.5)
+ VDASH-EMU For Windows is now available to all registered users in OPEN BETA forum
ATTENTION, SLIMax Manager Pro v3.4.4.8 or greater MUST BE INSTALLED, Check For Update using the SLIMax Auto-Updater to keep your installation up to dat
slimax_vdash_emu_v1.06_v0.35 20160210_160158

CHANGELOG 2016-02-11:

– A lot more telemetry data exposed like Air Temp, Track temp, Tyre Wear, Tyre Load, Wind speed, etc.
– big improvement of the EVAL Expression field which includes all telemetry variable (check the Math Eval Expression in getting started section for more info)
this powerful Math field let you normalize or change/modify the value of telemetry data on-fly, for example to get a percentage of the value and not the value itself or to force a value if the context needs it and much much more…
– new Tire Wear object added to get the status of your tires wear quickly
– All plugins updated

RENAULT SPORT Formula 2.0 Texture Pack For VDAHS-EMU is out!

RENAULT SPORT Formula 2.0 Texture Pack For VDAHS-EMU is out!
Enjoy the new RENAULT SPORT F2.0 texture pack for VDASH-EMU with iRacing and rFactor 2 (and other simulations).
RENAULT SPORT F2.0 Texture Pack for VDASH-EMU is available for download, here
preview_Renault_Sport_F2.0_P1Display Templates are available for download, here
(you need to be fully registered as GOLD or PRO to access this area)