[NEW BUILD] SLIMax Manager v3.4.2.8 is OUT!


CHANGELOG 2015-03-21, build v3.4.2.8:
v3.4.2.8 is OUT!
– fix an excessive ram consumption which occur in rare case and impact all devices using DRIVER and not the native Windows HID
–¬† shortcut menu added in Advanced Options panel, right click the device icon in shelf to load the current selected setup (if exists) instead of the default setup
– [NEW F1 BEHAVIOR] adding the support of the clutch Bite Point Finder (BPF) and biting point management, this is useful to all F1 fanboys and hardcore sim racer who have a SIM Display device with a double clutches on their steering wheel. This new behavior let you optimize greatly your race start.

To get the latest update and keep your installation up to date (v3.4.2.0 must be already installed),
run the manager and select menu “Check For Update…
and then click the “Download And Install All” button
or use the full installer v3.4.2.8 on website
IMPORTANT: if you use the integrated SLIMax AUTO-Updater you have to overwrite the setup files of SIM Race F1, SIM Race Deluxe and SIM Race GT to take advantage of the new BPF behavior. You need to upgrade the firmware of the corresponding SIM Display device, as well.