SLIMax Manager v3.4.2.3 is OUT! (Recommended Update)


CHANGELOG 2014-10-20:
Major bug fixed that prevent to send Enter/Exit Events at startup (the system time in this case was remaining on left display until you restart the session)
– fixed, system time function on SLI-EMU was incorrectly displayed (filled with 00 at end)
Open SLIMax Manager v3.4.2.0 or greater and Check for update to download and install the latest version or download the full installer on website.
this is a recommended update!

Version of SLIMax Manager is OUT!

Version of SLIMax Manager is OUT!
What’s new?
– a cool feature named AUTO-SETUP has been added
Edit your device AUTOSETUP config and select the car setup you want for each simulation or game, the AUTOSETUP module will load it automatically as soon as it detects the targeted sim or game
For example: assign a setup for rFactor2, a setup for iRacing, one for Project CARS, one for F1 2013 and a last one for R3E and that’s it!  😉
the manager will load each setup AUTOMATICALLY as soon as you launch the simulation or the game.
– the updater has been updated to update itself first (if needed) and then process the other updates
To get the latest version of SLIMax Manager (v3.4.2.0 must be already installed),
– run the manager
– select menu “Check For Update…
– and then click the “Download And Install All” button
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