SLIMax Manager v3.4.2 BETA is OUT!

SLIMax Manager v3.4.2 beta is OUT!
What’s new mainly in SLIMax Manager version 3.4.2?
After the great improvements included in the 3.4 of SLIMax Mgr, the 3.4.2 have a bunch of cool features, it supports the new SIM RACE GT from SIM Display and All SLI family from LeoBodnar. Also, the support of Fanatec wheels (including the latest CSW Base v2) has been improved.
– added the support of the new SIM RACE GT from SIM Display
– Lap Data Analysis added, part of new Telemetry module (Rookie Edition) that can parses telemetry Lap Dump from the manager to display various graph line to get a better understanding of your laps. It can also compare 2 laps.
Idle Event added to be able to display information when car is not on track. System or Remaining or Elapsed time or any other data available in game or simulation API can be displayed on left or central or right display panel of your usb device.
– Basic options wizard can now preview the basic settings on your device display including shiftlights, OSP, Pit Limiter methods, OSP factor, Brightness, etc.
Codemasters F1 2014 and Papyrus NASCAR 2003 plugins included (now more than 50 titles supported)
– Cars database added to set the Steering Wheel Angle (max degree of rotation) dynamically
improved and optimized many area of the software manager
– the BU0710 display device is now FREE and like the Fanatec and G27 Wheel no longer require a license
The beta is already available for GOLD / Premium subscribers in BETA FORUM:
Download the v3.4.2 beta
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NASCAR 2003 Plugin for SLIMax Manager v3.4 available…

NASCAR 2003 Plugin for SLIMax Mgr 32Bit, is coming back!
The 32Bit plugin of the great Papyrus simulation – NASCAR 2003 –  is available (unfortunately the 64Bit version of Papyrus API doesn’t exist) in PLUGINS UPDATES of EKSIMRacing WEBSITE and in full installer of SLIMax Manager version v3.4.1.2
NASCAR 2003 is the mother of iRacing as you may know! and it’s for me a pleasure to bring it back to SLIMax Mgr v3.4! 😉
Check this link to download the plugin and get more info:
Download the latest SLIMax Manager v3.4.1.2e full installer:
Check the video tutorials here:
SLIMax Manager v3.4 is a powerful tool to manager your rig (USB display devices or any HID Compliant devices like the DSD Buttons box for example).
It’s still free for using it with your Logitech G27 or Fanatec ClubSport, CSR Series and Porsche Series alone (with no other usb device or emulator), however it requires a license for other USB display devices and Hardware Emulators.
For more info visit:
– Open 32Bit version of SLIMAx Mgr (For Windows 64Bit owners, the 32Bit version of SLIMax Mgr is inside the C:\SLIMax Manager directory\  )
– and drop onto the SLIMax window the pkg
– activate the plugin using the Plugins Manager
Nascar 2003 Plugin