SLIMax Manager version is OUT! *UPDATED*

SLIMax Manager v3.4.1.1 is OUT!
Available for download at EKSIMRacing website
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Version 3.4 is a MAJOR release with a ton of improvements and obviously a recommended update. The update is still FREE for all registered user.
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What’s new in SLIMax Manager version  v3.4.1.1 ?
– cool addition that let you preview Pit limiter, Shiftlights or OSP methods and other settings like global brightness on your display device or Fanatec Wheel or Logitech G27 Shiftlights using the Basic Options wizard.
What’s new in SLIMax Manager version 3.4.1?
– rFactor2 64bit plugins and bridges integration in SLIMax Mgr Installer
– SWITCH AS ENCODER feature added with nice helper to setup your switch 12 positions as they were an encoder
What’s new in SLIMax Manager version 3.4?
– new UI (user interface) more intuitive and easy to use, with 2 skin (themes) included – DARK and LIGHT
– new functions ready to reproduce F1 and other racing car behaviors on your custom wheel/display/dashboard/simulator in a few clicks,
– new wizards/helpers to simplify the creation of your custom setup without any script,
– new “ALL IN ONE” game or simulation setup format with all parameters included in one unique file including the control mapping of your buttons, encoders, switches or axis,
– new complete control of ALL YOUR DEVICE LEDs including assignment of one or more leds to any function and assignment to lit up a led when a button / encoder is triggered,
– new multilingual SETUP HELP (US/UK and Italian are included),
– new plugins using the new SLIMax plugin interface (support motion simulator platform data and more than 40 simulations and games managed )
– compiled with the latest Fanatec SDK
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New update v3.4.0.9 of SLIMax Manager is available

New update v3.4.0.9 of SLIMax Manager is available on EKSIMRacing website.
SLIMax Mgr v3.4

CHANGELOG v3.4.0.9 2014-07-12: ( RECOMMENDED UPDATE )
– contains all bug fixed and additions since version (REVERSE KERS, x64 plugins for rFactor2, rF1 plugin options, Fuel Per Lap function, etc. )
– all plugins have been recompiled to work with General option: FORCE TARGET EXE which let you define an new target app for any plugin,
useful with Grand Prix Legends Mod for example as the plugin target the gpl.exe by default but the mod create a different exe name for each year like gpl67.exe for 1967
CHANGELOG v3.4.0.8d 2014-07-08: Minor update
– rFactor F version Plugin Options was not available (plugin options button grayed)
CHANGELOG v3.4.0.8c 2014-06-30:
– REVERSE KERS method fixed in SIM RACE F1 management
– Fuel Per Lap function added (#65 for Fanatec and #128 for other display devices)

Click to read the important notes about the new x64 plugin for rFactor2 64Bit