New SLIMax Manager v3.4 video tutorials available

New video tutorials have been added to the “Getting started” page:

  • How to deactivate detection of emulators at startup
  • How to get help on Advanced Options and how to change the help language
  • How to create your own setup (short tutorial version)
  • How to create your own setup, iRacing F1 car example (full tuto)
  • How to get LED feedback on “Push to talk” when pressing a Radio Button
  • How to change (speed) UNIT IMPERIAL (MPH) / METRIC (KPH / Km/h)
  • How to map a button to CHANGE UNIT (MPH/KPH) on track

Major Update: v2.0 of Android Emulators and SLIMax Manager v3.4.0.7

The new emu for Android are OUT!
SLI-EMU (SLI-PRO Emulator) and SRF1-EMU (SIM RACE F1 Emultor) v2.0 are now available for download!
Check the EKSIMRacing website to download. This version of emu requires SLIMax Manager v3.4.0.7a or greater.
What’s new?
The v2.0 of EMUs and SLIMax Manager v3.4.0.7 is a major update for android emulator owners:
The new ZERO-CONFIGURATION protocol has been added to detect AUTOMATICALLY the ip of your emulator, so no longer need to know the IP of your phone and no longer need to use the Emulators Manager app.
Just connect your phone to the wifi network and launch the EMU and that’s it!
Don’t wait! The update is FREE!