SLIMax Manager with Assetto Corsa Ferrari 599XX EVO

This video demo the real time delta function included with SLIMax Manager. The AMAZING Assetto Corsa simulation with Ferrari 599XX EVO car is used here with a custom MOMO wheel and SIM RACE F1 display from SIM Display ( ).
SLIMax Manager version 3.3.1 is available on EKSIMRacing website ( ) with more than 40 simulations or games supported and obviously with the latest Assetto Corsa beta 0.4 plugins included to enjoy this great simulation with your rig!

Assetto Corsa Major Plugins Update

A major update of Assetto Corsa Plugins are now available for Download with SLIMax Manager v3.3.1.2, see EKSIMRacing website to download.
The New version implements track size, last/best/current sectors time and REAL TIME DELTA, also the new ABS and PitLimiter flags of AC API v1.1 (in upcoming AC update) have been added.
New setups are also available in SETUPS DOWNLOAD forum.

v3.3.1 of SLIMax Manager is now OUT!

v3.3.1 of SLIMax Manager is now OUT! (see the website to download)

This is a recommended update as several minor bugs have been killed, also, for all EMU users this is a great improvement on IP management and in fine for all SIM RACE PRO owners contact SIM Display to upgrade your firmware and be compatible with SLIMax Manager and enjoy more than 40 games and simulations.  😉

New SLIMax Manager version ( v3.3.1), full support of SIM RACE PRO

New build of SLIMax Manager v3.3.1 will be released soon.

What’s new?
– Mainly the FULL support of SIM RACE PRO USB Device display from SIM Display with its new firmware HID Compliant (check SIM Display website to see how to get your board upgrade to enjoy your favorite games and simulations ).
– a complete revamped way to enter EMULATORs IP address and activation of EMU at startup with a separate config app. No longer need to enter the ip each time you upgrade and also let you manage a lot of upcoming EMU easily.

DTM Experience Plugins for SLIMax Mgr v3.3 are OUT!

Plugins for final version of Simbin DTM Experience are now available for download see PLUGINS DOWNLOAD forum. Custom Setups are also available in SETUP DOWNLOAD section of the forum featuring DRS feedback and custom progressive RPM curve, this is a good base to create your own DTM experience custom setups for SLIMax Manager v3.3.
So don’t wait if you pre-ordered the new title from Simbin, be ready and install the new plugins and setups to enjoy it with your rig asap!
Notes: plugins for DTM Exp. DEMO are already included with latest installer of SLIMax Mgr…