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Automobilista 2 (AMS2 Early Access) Plugins Are Available For Download!

UPDATED 2020/04/01:
OFFICIAL SLIMax Mgr Pro and MotionMax Manager EA Plugins of Automobilista 2  (AMS2 Early Access) are now available for download (AVX and Standard version), check for update as usual to get the latest software and do not forget to activate these new plugins (read the plugin info page for more details).


NEW Version 15 Of The Z-Ring Is Out!

NEW Version 15 of the Z-Ring is available for download today!



Z-Ring v15 is available for download

The difference between versions 14 and 15 of the Z-Ring is a short heel and a recess bottom to make room for a lock nut (see installation for more information). This allows a complete stability of the QR even in the event of repeated big vibrations using your Fanatec Podium DD1 or DD2.


Donwload zip file here:



La v15 du Z-Ring est dispo au téléchargement

La différence entre les versions 14 et 15 du Z-Ring est un talon court et un fond évidé pour faire de la place pour un contre-écrou (voir l’installation pour plus d’informations). Cela permet une stabilité totale du QR de votre Fanatec Podium DD1 ou DD2 même en cas de grosses vibrations répétées.

la FAQ en français

Donwload zip ici:


UPDATED: Automobilista 2 beta plugins available…

Automobilista 2 beta plugin SLIMax Manager Pro available…


Automobilista 2 (AMS2) Beta is out, the beta use the latest Project CARS 2 API, you just have to start the game and goto OPTIONS/SYSTEM and then select Shared Memory ON, UDP is not needed by SLIMax Mgr or MotionMax Manager so you can leave it OFF.

Go to EKSIMRacing plugins repository to download and get the installation info of the AMS2 BETA Plugins for SLIMax Manager Pro and MotionMax Manager.


EKSIMRacing V2R USB Controller For Your DIY Projects

EKSIMRacing V2R USB Controller For Your DIY Projects


Video EKSIMRacing USB V2R Controller In Action…


A quick and dirty video to show the EKSIMRacing V2R (Virtual to Real) controller in action.
A powerful feature called “Virtual To Real” (V2R) is available since version of SLIMax Manager Pro. This let you use the virtual Button-Box integrated with VDASH-EMU racing dash for Android, Windows and Linux like a REAL (PHYSICAL) button-box with any game and up to 15 LED for rpm shift-lights, 6 Marshal/Warning LED and 5 external LED to create your custom USB racing display. Virtual to Real (V2R) Technology has been created by Zappadoc in 2017 and is 100% free for all registered users.

More info on V2R technology is available on website

MotionMax Manager 2DOF + TL Simulator (V4 Final) Concept

MotionMax Manager 2DOF + TL Simulator (Final) Concept


Video MotionMax Manager 2DOF + TL Simulator (Final) Concept

(including Traction Loss Options, suitable for any racing seat)


Video MotionMax Manager 2DOF + TL Simulator V4 Kit


Car racing simulator 2 DOF + TL concept for your DIY projects based on initial FREX Style 2DOF directly compatible with MotionMax Manager Software 2DOF (MMX2). Suitable for any racing seat, adjustable or not like Sparco, Recaro, OMP, etc.

MotionMax is a true 6 DOF to 2 DOF software dedicated to car racing simulation for PRO training and track learning (not suitable for fly-sim ) with smart management of Pitch, Roll, Sway, Surge, Heave (6DOF only) and Yaw Dynamics (Traction Loss). MotionMax (MMX) all editions supports more than 60 car racing games/simulations.

System Requirements
Windows System Requirements:
Windows OS 64bit up to date 7/8/8.1/10

Min. Hardware Requirements:
A gaming PC capable of running a simulation or game at 60 FPS or higher (screen resolution minimum 1600×900),
1 dedicated USB 2.0 port available or better with a dedicated HUB USB 2.0 with external Power Adapter,
Obviously a 2DOF Simulator with 2 or 3 or 4 SCN6 100mm or 150mm (2DOF + optional TL + optional SURGE).

More Info On MMX 2DOF+TL+SURGE Software and kits available on FREX webshop:

Visit EKSIMRacing website for more info On MotionMax Manager software:

Aluminum frames parts list available to registered users.

A new Simulator 2+2 DOF Concept has been released Today!

Video Simulator 2+2 DOF Concept With TL+SURGE Options

A new Simulator 2+2 DOF Concept has been released Today!

This car racing simulator is based on initial 2DOF FREX Style but include a dedicated Traction Loss (TL) and Bracking/Acceleration (SURGE) options. the DIY simulator project is directly compatible with MotionMax Manager 2DOF.

If you’re interested by my DIY simulator concept/design and currently building a 2DOF + TL (+ SURGE) contact us with link to video and article on your FB/YT to be selected and win a MotionMax software License.

MotionMax Manager 2DOF+TL+SURGE Options Software and Motion simulator Kits are available on FREX webshop:


MotionMax Quick tutorial: Tweak The Traction Loss Settings to match your car’s behavior

MotionMax Quick tutorial: Tweak The Traction Loss Settings to match your car’s behavior

MotionMax Manager (MMX) do all the hard stuff for you to deliver a smooth, accurate and fast motion behaviors to your simulator but as for any race car you need to tweak settings and create your setup to match the combo track/car you drive.

This quick tutorial is focused on TL (traction loss) settings.

Please refer to the MotionMax Dashboard Information to learn how to create and save a new setup.

Getting Started With MMX 6DOF/2DOF:


Tweak The Traction Loss settings:

Set the TL with a maximum amplitude by setup the minimum speed at 5 (m/s) and the Sensitivity at 80%.

Start to spin on your race track (curvy track obviously for testing TL) with your favorite car,

Be sure the amplitude limiter is at it MAX value

And adjust the amount of Yaw Dynamics (ratio of TL acceleration/amplitude)  as you make the laps,

Then decrease the Sensitivity until this matches the behavior of your car (value should be between 24 to 54%), as soon as you feel perfectly the oversteer/understeer recovery you’re almost done,

Then go back on minimum speed setting and increase the value a little until the TL is hard to trigger,

Finally decrease this speed again to get the full TL effect back.

That’s it!

Congrats your combo track/car is now perfectly setup! do not forget to save your setup.


FREX 2DOF+TL Simulator And Yaw Dynamics (TL):

Yaw Dynamics (TL) Invert setting must be unchecked (click the image below to zoom).


Racing Driving Course:

Compared to games it’s hard to lose the traction with a regular production car, I suggest to do a racing driving course to get the essential of the TL this will help you a lot for setting up correctly your simulator with a real behavior and not making it a pinball machine…


BeamNG.Drive Plugin Bridges Updated Today!


BeamNG.Drive plugin bridges updated today for
SLIMax Manager (All Edition) and MotionMax Manager (All Edition)

– conformity with the latest version of BeamNG.Drive


– OBVIOUSLY, Check For Update first to get the new plugin bridges

– for SLIMax Mgr replace the outgauge.lua from:

C:\Program Files (x86)\SLIMax Manager Pro\sli_bridges\BeamNG\




– for MotionMax Mgr replace the motionSim.lua from:

C:\Program Files (x86)\MotionMax Manager\mmx_bridges\